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Purpose: The purpose of the research was to determine basic technical skills (throws) in 17-19-year-old judokas and the level of their performance. Material: The study involved 30 judo athletes (aged 17-19). Results: To determine the athletes’ basic technical skills (throws), an analysis of source materials and a diagnostic survey were used. To determine the level of technical skills, the method of expert assessment was applied. Statistical software package Statistica 8 was used in the statistical analysis. In the coaches’ opinion, 17-19-year-old judokas have a specific, characteristic of this age group, set of basic technical skills (throws) aptly defining their technical preparation. Conclusions: The tested group of judokas exhibited the highest level of demonstrating throws of the koshi-waza (hip) group, and the lowest one of the ashi-waza (foot) group.


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