CONTENTS: Physical education of the student of creative specialties / collected articles. - Kharkov, Ukraine. - 2009. - N4. - 180 p.

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1. Amgad Hamdoni.Complex Aftertreatment in the Preoperative Term at Patients with the Incompetence of the Copular Vehicle of the Knee Joint on the Background of the Dysplasia 2009.-N4.3
2. Afanasyev V.V., Burlaka I.V, Shishackaja V.I., Scherbachenko V.K.Independent Physical Culture Trainings in NTUU "KPI" as the Form of Students' Physical Improvement 2009.-N4.9
3. Bezdenezhnyh G.A.Implementation of Medical and Pedagogical Monitoring on Exercises by Physical Training with Preschool Children 2009.-N4.16
4. Boreyko N.U.The Model of Professional Physical Training of Future Engineers 2009.-N4.22
5. Boreyko N.U.Formation Axiological, Cognitive and Creative Individual Components of the Professional Physical Education Students' Individual Technological University 2009.-N4.30
6. Vasil'ev Yu.K., Kozina Zh.L., Kozin A.V.Development of Ecological Culture of Students on Employments on Tourism 2009.-N4.37
7. Gabelkova O.Y., Lesuk O.V.,Lutsenko E. L.Psychological Features of Overweight Students 2009.-N4.46
8. Gorelov A.A., Marakushin A.I., Popov F.I.Physical Preparation as a Means of Professional - Psychologic Selection for Flight Trades 2009.-N4.53
9. Kozina Zh.L., Grin' L.V.Results of Determination of Level of the Special Physical Preparedness and Functional State of Basketball-Players of Student Team 2009.-N4.60
10. Konik G.A., Temchenko V.A., Usova T.Y.Modern Tendence of Student's Physical Training Employment Organization 2009.-N4.68
11. Konopleva E.N.The Analysis of a State of Students' Health of the Siberian State Space University 2009.-N4.74
12. Lukavenko H.G.Adaptation Youth with Miscellaneous Level to Physical Preparedness and Picture of Health to Occupation by Physical Culture in High Educational Institutions. 2009.-N4.84
13. Lyulina N.V., Lapygina O.V.Influence of Different Classes of Sports at the Level of Development Motor Abilities of Physical Training Faculty Students 2009.-N4.89
14. Malinauskas R.Motivation for Physical Exercise Among Students of Pedagogical Universities 2009.-N4.97
15. Oskolkova E.M., Klimova A.I., Zyuzylkin Yu.S.Physical Culture and its Efficiency for the Students at the Department of Physical Education of Syktyvkar State University 2009.-N4.104
16. Pomazan А.А.Comparative Description of Bodily Condition of Children on the Stage of Selection for Employments by a Gymnastics and Choreography 2009.-N4.109
17. Prikhoda I.V., Tereshenko M.M.The Immunological Reactivity Under Ulcer Disease 2009.-N4.117
18. Prikhoda I.V., Tereshenko M.M.The Immunological Reactivity Under Chronic Gastritis 2009.-N4.124
19. Pustovalov V.O.Factorial Frame of Physical Readiness of Pupils of 11-14 Years with the Count of Parameters of Physical Development and Features Neurodynamics Functions 2009.-N4.133
20. Savchenko N.I. The Rational Building of the Training in Standart and Step-Aerobics 2009.-N4.139
21. Savchenko M.I.The Improvement of Swimmers' Psychological Aspect of Teaching Technique and Practice 2009.-N4.148
22. Skripchenko I.T., Dolzhko F.N., Antonov O.V.Methods of Quantitative Determination of Basic Indexes of Technical Preparedness of Orienteerings 2009.-N4.154
23. Sharov A.V., Shuteev A.I., Sidoruk E.S.Simulation of Intensity of Training Loads on Parameters of Frequency of Cardiac Reductions 2009.-N4.161
24. Shubin D. A., Zakharova L.V.Optimization of Physical Activity of Disable Students 2009.-N4.169

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