CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2010, vol.4

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1. Adashevskiy V.M., Iermakov S.S., Gritsyuk S.A.Basic kinematics descriptions of shock actions in taekwondo 2010.-N4.3
2. Barybina L.N., Kozina Zh.L.Description of psychophysiological indexes of students of different sporting specializations 2010.-N4.6
3. Bilichenko E.A.Analysis of motivation to employments by physical exercises and its use for the increase of efficiency of employments on physical education with students 2010.-N4.12
4. Dmitriev S.V., Mikhaylov Y.A.Theory of sporting technique and "semantics of motions" - in search of co-operation 2010.-N4.15
5. Iermakov S.S., Adashevskiy V.M., Sivolap O.A.Theoretical and experimental determination of biomechanics descriptions at run 2010.-N4.26
6. Iermakov S.S, Boychenko N.V.Technique-tactic skill of caratists of the style "kyokushinkai" with a help of special technical means 2010.-N4.30
7. Kamaev O.I., Kamaeva O.K.Features of the use of competence approach in health of forming technologies in the conditions of institution of higher education 2010.-N4.37
8. Kashuba V.A., Litvinenko Y.V., Danilchenko V.A.Modeling of movements in sports training 2010.-N4.40
9. Kozina Zh.l., Grin' L.V., Efimov A.A.Application of system directions, facilities and methods of individualization preparation of sportsmen in playing types of sport in structural circannual loop of preparation constructs 2010.-N4.45
10. Kucherenko A.S.Perfection of organization of educational process in the special medical separation of higher educational establishment 2010.-N4.53
11. Mirnaya A.V.The influence of the physical education lessons with the application of means of oriental gymnastics on the adaptation potential of the cardio-vascular system of students of higher education institutions 2010.-N4.57
12. Nematov B.I.Means and methods of teaching hurdling for children 11-12 years (Children and Youth Sports School) 2010.-N4.60
13. Prudnikova M.S.Research of the functional consisting of competition period of bicyclists 12-15 years of intersexual and athletic types of build in the period of becoming of ovarian menstrual cycle 2010.-N4.63
14. Tupeev Y.V., Boyko V.F.To the problem of using information technologies capabilities in the training process for technique of motor actions in wrestling 2010.-N4.67
15. Khokhlova L.A., Bondar T.S., Sutula A.V.Some factors affecting the health of schoolchildren 2010.-N4.70
16. Khudolii O.N.Method of development force at the young gymnasts on the stages of initial and specialized preparation 2010.-N4.74
17. Yousef Ali Yousef Mukhammed.Features of social environment of development of physical culture and sport in Lebanon 2010.-N4.78

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