CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2009, vol.2

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1. Artemenko T.G.The favorable periods of diagnostics of personal features of young basketball players at the age of 10-12 years in connection with selection carrying out at the stage of initial preparation. 2009.-N2.3
2. Efremenko A.Experimental modes of recovery loading for the first stage of recovery after intense impellent activity in the modern pentathlon 2009.-N2.7
3. Efremova O.V., Abdollahgarusi Mehrdad.Physical rehabilitation of patients with amputation stump of thigh because of trauma 2009.-N2.12
4. Zaycev V.P., Manucharyan S.V., Kramskoy S.I.The creative collaboration of departments of - basis of mutual relations of gender 2009.-N2.15
5. Zaschuk S.G., Kozina Zh.L., Bez'yazychnyy B.I.Structure of complex preparedness of skilled basketball-players 2009.-N2.19
6. Kasianenko O.G.Consideration the lists of winners, as reflection of changes in the Ancient Olympic Games (in archaic and classic periods) 2009.-N2.23
7. Kashuba V.A., Bondar E.M.Biostatic and goniometric indicators of the senior preschool age children with functional disorders of the supporting-motor apparatus 2009.-N2.26
8. Kozina Zh.L.Principles of individual selection of medical plants for renewal of capacity of sportsmen 2009.-N2.29
9. Kozina Zh.L., Zaschuk S.G., Siriy O.V.Indexes of complex preparedness of skilled basketball-players 2009.-N2.34
10. Kochergina T.I., Lysenko I.A., Zdorenko S.U.Features of organizational maintenance of activity of federation of handball of Ukraine 2009.-N2.38
11. Kramida I.E.Analysis of the educational activity progress of the poor health students after finishing of the education on the physical culture and sport faculty 2009.-N2.43
12. Kriventsova I.V.The role of fencing in the formation of professional competence of future teachers in the sphere of physical culture 2009.-N2.48
13. Kygayevskiy S.A.Use of cardio-diagnostics of D&K-TEST for individualizations of training process of skilled short track speed skaters high qualification 2009.-N2.51
14. Leyfa A.V.Maintenance and ways of maintainance and strengthening of health of students of institutes of higher 2009.-N2.56
15. Mishin M.V.Effect of fatigue on productivity of throws in competitive activity of basketball players on carriages 2009.-N2.60
16. Nemtsev O.B., Lyapin V.M.Formation of accuracy of throwing movements (on an instance darts) 2009.-N2.64
17. Nesterova T.V., Makarova O.V.Analysis of experience of feet functions perfection in rhythmic gymnastic exercises 2009.-N2.74
18. Poddubniy A.G., Suhorada G.I., Kirpenko V.N.The differential approach to different groups of servicemen physical training according to professional military terms and requirements of their physical conditions 2009.-N2.79
19. Savchenko N.I., Kovaliov AA.., Kovaliova Y.A.Sliding phase and initial swimming movements the principal section of starting jump in front-crawl style 2009.-N2.83
20. Sedljar J.V.The analysis of the computer technologies used during preparation of sportsmen, specializing bodybuilding 2009.-N2.87

Founders: Kharkov Regional Branch of National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. Publishing House KSADA.
Editor-in-chief: Sergii Iermakov