CONTENTS: Physical education of the student of creative specialties / collected articles. - Kharkov, Ukraine. - 2009. - N3. - 184 p.

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1. Ahmatgatin A.A.Changes of the Parameters Describing Functional Condition of Cadets of High Schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia During Study 2009.-N3.3
2. Babynin Y.A., Kononov V.N.Use of Computer Programs for Statistical Processing Competitive Activity of Volleyball Players 2009.-N3.11
3. Bezkopylny A.Рhysical Fitness Parameters Among the Groups of Younger School Age with Different Individual Typological Properties of the Higher Nervous Activity 2009.-N3.17
4. Besputchik V.G., Artem'ev V.P.Problems of Preparation of the Sports Staff 2009.-N3.23
5. Gamaliy N.V.Modern Health and Physical Condition Improving Technologies in Physical Training of Women of the First Mature Age 2009.-N3.33
6. Guo P.The Program Perfection of Power Component of the Special Endurance Canoe Rowers in the Regular Terms of Training Process 2009.-N3.40
7. Grishin A.F.About Physical Preparation in Skin Diving 2009.-N3.52
8. Zabora А.V.Sporting Style of Life - a Basis of Professional Readiness of the Future Workers of Law-Enforcement Bodies 2009.-N3.72
9. Zaitsev V.P., Kramskoi S.I., Manucharyan S.V., Polyakova M.A., Evsyutina V.B.Problems of Gender Mutual Relations: Study and a View of Scientists 2009.-N3.77
10. Zaitsev V.P., Oleinik N.A., Bondarenko T.V., Manucharyan S.V., Evsyutina V.B.The Gender Approach to Education of o Software to Physical Training 2009.-N3.83
11. Zemba E.A., Kleptsova T.N.Hardening - Constituting Part Improving Systems of an Organism of the Person 2009.-N3.91
12. Kuzmin V.A., Gaskov A.V., Tolstikov V.A., Besedina L.A., Shatrova K. E.Psychological and volitional aspects in the students-boxers training 2009.-N3.97
13. Kutergin N.B., Ryabushenko A.A., Vinogradova A.P.Methodological Aspects of Physical Development at Girls in Higher Educational Establishments 2009.-N3.103
14. Lupal'tsov V.I., Zaitsev V.P., Manucharyan S.V.Complex Aftertreatment of Patients with the Peptic Ulcer of the Ventriculus and the Duodenum at the Stationary Stage 2009.-N3.109
15. Medved M.N.Analysis and Assessment of Subjective Factors Describing Quality of Refereeing in Volleyball 2009.-N3.119
16. Milinis O.A.Formation of Healthy Way of Life Values as a Requirement of Self-Realization of the Future Teachers 2009.-N3.124
17. Mihaltsova L.F.Physical Training of Students as Axiological Means of Formation of a Healthy Way of Life 2009.-N3.129
18. Muntian V. S.Practical Methods of Control and Estimation the Level of Sportsmen's Preparedness 2009.-N3.135
19. Nemtsev O.B., Kozlov R.S.Formation of Physical Training of the Person of Students on Exercises in a Section of Common Physical Preparation 2009.-N3.145
20. Pokhorukov О.J.Organization of Playing Technology of Adaptive Physical Culture During to Professional Preparation of Students of Pedagogical Institute of Higher 2009.-N3.160
21. Prikhoda I.V., Tereshenko M.M.The Efficiency of the Combination Therapy of Pramistar and Kurantil on Treatment in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 2009.-N3.165
22. Savchenko M.I.The Starting Jump as the Most Important Technical Element in Swimming at the Contemporary Stage of Swimmers' Training 2009.-N3.173

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