CONTENTS: Physical education of the student of creative specialties / collected articles. - Kharkov, Ukraine. - 2008. - N3. - 148 p.

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1. Ashanin V.S., Phylenko L.V.Information Technologies of Testing Individual Cognitive Abilities of Students of Sports Specializations 2008.-N3.3
2. Bismak L.V.Efficiency of Application of Means of Physical Rehabilitation at Hypertensive Disease І- ІІ Stages at a Polyclinic Stage of Rehabilitation 2008.-N3.9
3. Zabora A.The Ways of Optimization Physical Preparation of Cadets of Junior Courses 2008.-N3.15
4. Zavizionova N.A.Methodical Aspects of Education of Students of 1-4 Courses of Special Educational Abjointing to Devices of Basketball 2008.-N3.19
5. Zakharova L.V., Lapigina O. V.Circular Training as a Method of Organizational Training Process is at School 2008.-N3.25
6. Kasyanenko O.G.Increase of Efficiency of Olympic Education, as Pedagogical Activity, due to Search of New Forms of its Organization 2008.-N3.31
7. Klepcova T.N.Preventive Maintenance of Asocial Children and Students Behaviour by Means of Occupations of Physical Culture and Sport 2008.-N3.34
8. Kokarev B.V., Kokareva S.M., Kushnir G.I.Research of Motivation of Habitants of South-East Ukraine to Participation in Conventions and Training Programs on Aerobics and Health Fitness 2008.-N3.39
9. Konopleva E.N.Formation of Motivation to Employment by Physical Training at Students of not Sports High Schools by Means of Lecture Employment Under the Theory and Technique Physical Training 2008.-N3.45
10. Kord Mahnaz.Influence of a Physical Aftertreatment on Dynamics of Parameters of Power Endurance of Muscles of the Trunk at Children of Iran, Younger School Age with the Scoliosis 2008.-N3.52
11. Makeeva V.S., Mostovaia T.N.Formation of Nonverbal Dialogie in Educational Space of Physical Training 2008.-N3.60
12. Manak N.V.Practical Aspects of the Manual Working Technique Application with Regard to Postimmobilized Contractures of Shoulder Joint of the Patients Being at A Stationary Stage of Rehabilitation 2008.-N3.65
13. Mahov S.U.Self-Defense - Efficient Technology in Provision of Personal Safety of the People 2008.-N3.73
14. Mirnaya A.V.Changes of Motility of Knee Joints During a Course of an Aftertreatment Means Karate at Patients with a Pseudorheumatism 2008.-N3.77

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