Title (journal) Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov tvorceskih special'nostej
=Physical education of the student of creative specialties. - 2008. - N 3.
Pages 60-65
Title (article) Formation of nonverbal dialogie in edicational space of physical training
Authors Makeeva
Orel state technical university

Orel state technical university
Annotation As a result of the lead researches and the analysis of theoretical data it is revealed: the person owning skills of the nonverbal communications is easier adapts to educational and professional work, more we suffer to associates, finds a way out of crisis situations more quickly. Considerably enrich opportunities of students in dialogue comprehension of own actions, skill to differentiate work of muscles, to connect their work with breath, a sight, internal sensations and representations Skilful regulation and overlapping of these qualities minimize erroneous actions, reduce power inputs, uneasiness; result an organism in a natural harmonious condition. All this opens a way to professional perfection and effective life-support.
Key words physical training

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