Title (journal) Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov tvorceskih special'nostej
=Physical education of the student of creative specialties. - 2008. - N 3.
Pages 65-73
Title (article) Practical aspects of the manual working technique application with regard to postimmobilized contractures of shoulder joint of the patients being at a stationary stage of rehabilitation
Authors Manak
N. V.
Byelorussian state university of physical culture
Annotation The Authors of this article has offered to use the technique of physical rehabilitation, founded on using the reconstruction exercises for damaged limbs, which is actively used after cessation of the immobilization or after removing metallic implants. Given method is used for the reason improvement of function of damaged limbs (joint mobilities, muscles power and endurance, motion co-ordinations). The most efforts are required for recovering the mobilities in joint.
Key words shoulder
physical rehabilitations
method of manual therapeutics

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