CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2012, vol.5

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1. Babich V.I., Onuchak J.S.Determination of possibilities of educational course of "Basis of health" in context of forming of social health of student basic school. 2012.-N5.5
2. Barybina L.N., Semashko S.A., Kriventsova H.V.The application of individual approach in how to conduct aerobics classes with students of different levels of preparedness 2012.-N5.9
3. Batieieva N.P., Kyzim P.M.Biomechanics analysis of competition exercise "2/4 salto Front Layout" of skilled sportsmen 2012.-N5.13
4. Belikh S.I.Methodological bases of the use personality oriented to approach for the ground of the system of amateurish athletic education of students of university 2012.-N5.17
5. Buryanovaty A.N.Physical fitness testing of students did not specialized departments in the selection and admission to the department of military-sports-round 2012.-N5.23
6. Vaskov Y.V.Culture as main source and base of the shaping the physical culture 2012.-N5.26
7. Vovk V.M., Cnezkho A.A.Theoretical and methodological foundations continuity in physical schoolboys comprehensive school 2012.-N5.29
8. Vrzhesnevskii I.I., Korobeynikov G.V., Turchina N.Y., Chernyaev E.G.Features of the organization of physical education classes in a separate part of the university 2012.-N5.35
9. Galuza S.S.Theoretical and methodical peculiarities of training of student's female on a soccer. Generals are considered on planning 2012.-N5.40
10. Goncharova N.N., Yukhno Y.A., Lukjantseva G.V. Innovative approaches to the organization of monitoring of physical state schoolchildren in physical education 2012.-N5.43
11. Dragnev Y. V.The system approach to the professional development of a future teacher of physical culture 2012.-N5.47
12. Kashuba V.A., Futornyі S.М., Andreeva E.V.Modern approaches to preservation of health at students in the course of physical education 2012.-N5.50
13. Lutovinov Iu.A., Oleshko V.G., Lisenko V.N., Tkachenko K.V.Increase of the indicators of physical development and level of physical preparedness of young weightlifters 2012.-N5.59
14. Makarova E.V.Approaches to increasing the effectiveness of the learning process and the future professional activity of students with disabilities 2012.-N5.64
15. Moh'd Khalil Moh'd Abdel Kader, Parish Mohammadreza.Features of the construction program of physical rehabilitation of athletes playing sports with damage to the medial meniscus of knee 2012.-N5.69
16. Pavlenko M.M., Shalenko V.V., Bondar A.S.The regulatory mechanism of agent activity in Ukraine 2012.-N5.74
17. Pylypey L.P.Planning of process of physical education of students 2012.-N5.79
18. Redkovets T.G., Romman Khajsam J. М.Modern view on the problem of physical rehabilitation of teenagers with short-sightedness 2012.-N5.85
19. Sazonets V.I.Development approaches the formation of management development olympic sports in the region 2012.-N5.92
20. Khmelnitska I.V., Krupenya S.V., Lukjantseva G.V.Biomechanical analysis of kinematic structure of skilled female gymnasts' technique in "Handspring" vault with a "Vaulting table" 2012.-N5.99
21. Hu Lifei.Forms and methods of teaching Masters of Physical Education in Universities of China 2012.-N5.104
22. Tsyganenko O.I., Sklyarova N.A.Ecology of Physical Culture and Sports as a science and the prospects of its teaching in schools of physical education and sport 2012.-N5.109
23. Chekhovska L.Y.System of training of sporting reserve in Ukraine as an object of scientific analysis 2012.-N5.115
24. Elipkhanov S.B.Features of muscular activity at carrying out body drop by female judo-wrestlers of highly qualification 2012.-N5.119
25. Reza Andam, Nooshin Benar, Mozhgan Aliabadi, Asieh Ghorbanian Rajabi, Ghorbanian A., Kazem Danesh Sani.The consideration of emotional intelligence abilities in event volunteers 2012.-N5.126
26. Zaytsev V.P.Physical recreation - how to understand it? 2012.-N5.132

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