CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2011, vol.6

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1. Argunova L.L., Vorobets T.V.On the implementation of the competence-oriented education strategies in schools of Olympic reserve 2011.-N6.3
2. Bakanova A.F.Forming of healthy way of life of student young people 2011.-N6.8
3. Bessonov A.E., Kalmykova E.A.Information medicine in the treatment of metabolic syndrome 2011.-N6.12
4. Vinogradov V.E.Stimulation of working capacity and recovery processes by subsidiary means use in qualified athletes training 2011.-N6.16
5. Gaskov A.V., Kuzmin V.A.Modeling the structure of the overall training facilities and training of skilled boxers 2011.-N6.22
6. Deminskaya L.A.Axiological approach in the process of professionally - pedagogical preparation of future teachers of physical education 2011.-N6.27
7. Doroshenko E.Iu.Assessing the impact of training load on the body of footballers in the light of its external and internal parameters 2011.-N6.31
8. Efimenko P.B.Somatovegetative violation on the organism of student at the forced functional curvature of carriage 2011.-N6.37
9. Kozna Zh.L., Kozn S.V., Antonov O.V., Grin L.V.Ropes parks as a way of increase of the motor activity of students 2011.-N6.40
10. Kopa V.M.o universal criteria of physical health at students' lessons of physical culture 2011.-N6.45
11. Kramida I. E.Dynamics improving the effectiveness of physical training for a relatively healthy and weak students 2011.-N6.49
12. Kramida I.E.Possibilities of maintainance of health at in relation to healthy and hyposthenic students and their loud speaker 2011.-N6.56
13. Loutsenko L.S., Zinchenko I.A., Luchko .R., Shepelenko T.V.Construction of annual cycle of preparation of sportsmen, specialized in cheerleading 2011.-N6.62
14. Lulina N.V., Zaharova L.V.Features of method of employments on aerobics with the use of exercises of sporting orientation 2011.-N6.67
15. Noreiko S.B.Physiological limits of physical performance of healthy men 2011.-N6.71
16. Podrigalo L.V., Pashkevich S.A., Galashko N.I., Konik L.V., Tikhonova V.A., Isaeva M.V.Organization of physical education of students, related to task medical forces 2011.-N6.75
17. Pomeschikova I.P., Lozuchenko M.V.Indicators of vestibular-sensory reactions of students with disorders of the musculoskeletal system 2011.-N6.79
18. Sazonets V.I.International sports organization in governance and development of Olympic sports 2011.-N6.83
19. Selezneva O.V., Serdyukov O.E.Dosage of loading at elementary training technique of receptions of game volleyball of tall girls 13-14 years 2011.-N6.87
20. Sutula V.A.Pre-condition of forming in society a requirement in the healthy lifestyle 2011.-N6.92
21. Syshko D.V., Krovuykov V.F., Savina K.D., Syshko G.D.Features of regulation of cardiac rhythm of boxers of different qualification 2011.-N6.96
22. Taran L.N.Effect of shock microcycle (base mesocycle of general preparatory phase) on the functional state of the body of young skiers-racers of 15-16 aged 2011.-N6.99
23. Temchenko V.A., Maltseva T.N.Assessment succession of student's goes in for table tennis 2011.-N6.103
24. Tolkunova I.V., Krasnytskaya .V., Goleth A.V.Importance of regulation of the prestarting condition status in sports 2011.-N6.107
25. Futorny S..Computerization of the process of physical education in shaping physical fitness of students 2011.-N6.111
26. Khmelnitska I.V., Krupenya S.V.Biomechanical analysis of skilled female gymnasts' motor actions in vaulting "rondat fllick" with the "new table" 2011.-N6.115
27. Shamardin V.N.Modeling of highly qualified football team preparing in the inter-play microcycles of competition period 2011.-N6.119
28. Shtolze Peter.The basic direction of integration of professional football of Germany in modern market 2011.-N6.124
29. Bahman Mirzaei, Navid Lotfi, Payam SaeidiThe relationship between anthropometric parameters, body composition and explosive power in cadet wrestlers 2011.-N6.128

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