Authors Bakanova A.F.
Kharkov National Aerospace University
Chkalova str. 17, Kharkov, 61070, Ukraine

Abstract Concepts are considered physical health and healthy way of life. The component components of concept of healthy way of life are presented. The results of questionnaire of students are presented. The low level of understanding of semantic maintenance of concepts students is marked physical development, physical preparedness, physical health. It is set that the healthy way of life is determined the area of individual prosperity. It is underlined that understanding of health is taken to the good feel. Determinatives are set in the choice of sporting sections and facilities of physical development. Directions of introduction of the automated system of collection of information are shown.
Key words health; way of life; physical development; harmful habits; self-appraisal;
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First page 8
Last page 11
Volume 6
Year 2011
Title of Journal Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov=Physical Education of Students
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