Authors Temchenko V.A.
Kharkov National University
Liberty pl. 4, Kharkov, 61077, Ukraine

Maltseva T.N.
Kharkov National University
Liberty pl. 4, Kharkov, 61077, Ukraine

Abstract The questions of development of criteria of evaluation of progress of students are considered in the article. Possible directions of sectional form organization of educational process are rotined in discipline «Physical education» in the conditions of to credit-module systems. Norms are resulted on general and special physical preparation. Positive motivation of students is exposed to employments: the differentiated estimation of progress on physical education stimulates students to regular employments by the chosen type of sport. Underline, that presently absents single system of evaluation of progress of students. Attention on the under exploitation of model of sectional form of employments is accented.
Key words student; badminton; criteria of estimation; physical education;
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Volume 6
Year 2011
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