Authors FutornyŃ– S.M.
National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine
Physical Education str. 1, Kiev-150, 01680, Ukraine

Abstract We consider the direction of the informatization process of modern society. It is recognized that in the perspective of higher education need to dominate the information components. It is shown that the education system should provide the necessary knowledge about the new information society and the environment to form a new outlook. Established that students do not have enough information about the importance of a healthy lifestylethe role of physical activity to enhance physical health.It is noted that the students' lack of basic skills for self-monitoring their physical condition. Stress that the system of values, motivations, habits,purposeful behavior of the individual become the core of the implementation of social ideology in the formation of a healthy lifestyle. Encouraged to disseminate knowledge among students about the possibilities of using information technology as well as manipulation and saving health.
Key words information technology; physical education; health; physical fitness; students;
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Year 2011
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