Authors Shtolze Peter
National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine
Physical Education str. 1, Kiev-150, 01680, Ukraine

Abstract Considered change in control the system by professional football in Germany, conditioned influencing of modern market. Basic directions and marketing facilities are certain. It is set that basic directions integration in a modern market are professionalism of management football and use of marketing. Attention is accented on changes in the structure of management, creation of marketing departments, making up of the staff of clubs specialists in area of market management, introduction of the corporate beginnings in activity of clubs, use of services of market mediators, establishment of daughter's commercial firms. It is marked that marketing is supposed by activity of soccer organizations on such basic directions: work with an audience; sale of mediarights; work with sponsors and advertisers; merchandising. It is set that to weak positions of marketing it is necessary to take low economic efficiency of business partnership with the representatives of mass medias, insufficient return from merchandising.
Key words professional; football; Germany; Bundesliga; club; market; marketing;
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Volume 6
Year 2011
Title of Journal Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov=Physical Education of Students
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