CONTENTS: Physical education of the student of creative specialtiesn / collected articles. - Kharkov, Ukraine. - 2008. - N4. - 116 p.

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1. Anisimov D.V.The Basic Means, Stages and Outcomes of Formation of Competences of Health of the Savings for the Future Teachers of Initial Classes 2008.-N4.3
2. Bashavets N.A.The Principles of the Forming Saving Culture as World Vision Orientation of the Future Specialists in the Entire Educational Process Structure in High School 2008.-N4.9
3. Bibik R.V.Analysis of State-of-the-Art Improving Technologies of Women of the First Mature Age Used During Physical Training 2008.-N4.16
4. Volkova O.V.The Main Ways of Volitional Development at the Pre-School Age in the Situation Of Disease 2008.-N4.27
5. Ganchar A.I.Features of Dynamics of Gender Differences of Swimmers Results on the European Championship in Eindhoven-2008 2008.-N4.33
6. Grigus I.M.Influence of Physical Rehabilitation on Quality Lives Patients with Bronchial Asthma 2008.-N4.43
7. Dmitriev S.V., Balakin Y.P., Kaulina E.M., Bystritckaya E.V., Reutov O.V., Malkova T.P., Boitsova O.V., Fomicheva E.N., Camylichev A.S., Singosina T.B., Kuznetsov V.A.Developing and Traditional Education in the Sphere of Physical Training (Part I Projects Educational Technologies) 2008.-N4.51
8. Yevdokimov E.I., Odinec T.E., Golets V.O.Features of Changes in Characteristics of the Function of Outer Breathing Under the Influence of Phisical Work 2008.-N4.64
9. Yermakov S.S.Improvement of Quality of Scientific Researches Through the Open Access to the Information 2008.-N4.72
10. Kasyanenko O.G.Questioning of Students of Higher Educational Institutions of Physical Training and Sports on Olympic Educational in Conditions of a Heavy Use of Computer Technologies 2008.-N4.80
11. Kozina Zh.L., Chesnokov G.S., Sіriy O.V., Bez'yazichniy B. I. Application of the Psychological Training for Increase of Adaptation Possibilities of Students 2008.-N4.85
12. Krivtsov A.S., Sokolan I.V., Palehova E.S.Preventive Measures of Violations of Bearing at Students not Sports High Schools Occupied with Bullet Shooting from a Rifle 2008.-N4.94
13. Sharov A.V. Sidoruk E.S.Monitoring of Training Conditions and Health at Sportsmen With System Use "THE VECTOR - 5" 2008.-N4.101

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