Title (journal) Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov tvorceskih special'nostej
=Physical education of the student of creative specialties. - 2008. - N 4.
Pages 27-33
Title (article) The main ways of volitional development at the pre-school age in the situation of disease
Authors Volkova
Siberian institute of business, management and psychology
Annotation The article is devoted to the problem of volitional action elements comparison of under school aged children with strong and weak health. The attention is paid to the influence of mothers' relations and attitudes to their kids as well as to the attitudes to the important points of sound life in families. The research on the matter shows that volitional power in this period of life is closely connected with the factor of children's health. This work also shows the general ways of correction work on the field of study.
Key words volitional action
pre school age
sound children
sick children
mothers' attitude to their kids
sound life

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