Title (journal) Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov tvorceskih special'nostej
=Physical education of the student of creative specialties. - 2008. - N 4.
Pages 43-51
Title (article) Influence of physical rehabilitation on quality lives patients with bronchial asthma.
Authors Grigus
International economic humanitarian university
Annotation In the article considered results of upgrading lives sick on middle weight of persistence bronchial asthma in the process of application of the offered program of physical rehabilitation. With the help of application of the offered complex program of a physical aftertreatment it was possible to raise quality of life. It has allowed to achieve monitoring above an asthma. Our patients have realized, that the diagnosis "asthma" this one of few chronic diseases. At this disease it is possible to reach high quality life, characteristic for the able-bodied person.
Key words bronchial asthma
physical rehabilitation
quality of life

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