Application of real-methodic for mastering arm wrestling techniques

Keywords: arm wrestling, sport training, REAL-methodic, schema


Purpose: to substantiate application of REAL-methodic for training of students-sportsmen at initial stage of arm wrestling. Material: in the research 25 1 st and 2 nd year students participated. The students attended 3 trainings every week. Each training session lasted 2 hours. REAL-methodic was used at initial stage of training at the beginning of the first semester and after one month of trainings. The research took two months (September - October 2015). At each training session REAL-methodic used three times: in first part (warming up); in second (main) - in rest pauses for understanding of discipline; in third part (final) for recreation and relaxation. Results: 23 from 25 students-sportsmen accurately fulfilled two main arm wrestling techniques: attack over top and attack in hook; two sportsmen made little mistakes in attacking techniques. It was found that effectiveness of this methodic application to large extent depends on students’ motivation, on comfort condition of their nervous system; on presence of mutual trust and positive micro-climate in students’ group. Conclusions: application of REAL-methodic at initial stage of students-sportsmen’s training accelerated perception of training technologies and arm wrestling techniques, shortened period of techniques’ mastering, permitted to quicker pass to preparatory period of sport training basic stage.


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