Physical culture in life of Eastern-European region students: modern state and prospects of development




student, health, physical culture, motivation


Purpose: analysis of researches on physical culture problems among students in countries of Easter-European region (2013-2015). Material: As sources of information we chose data base of Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Besides, we used sites of the most known journals of Easter-European region. When choosing journals we based on rating of Russia (RISC), Poland (Index Copernicus) and Ukraine (bibliometryka of Ukrainian science) data bases. Results: thematic focus of researches on different physical education, sports and students health aspects was determined. The promising directions of researches are as follows: re-organization of system of students’ physical education; interconnection of life quality and organism’s resistance to environmental impacts; dependence of students’ motor functioning on bad habits’ presence; determination of factors, facilitating motivation for sport games in system of students’ health related trainings; perceiving of life quality by disabled students; competence and professional skillfulness of specialists in physical culture and sports. Conclusions: it is recommended to use new, attractive forms of students’ motor functioning. It is necessary to regulate students’ motor functioning, considering motivation for success and for avoiding failures as well as to increase students’ psycho-physiological stresses’ resistance and to form students’ culture of health.


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