Goniometric researches of armwrestling sportsmen

  • L.V. Podrigalo Kharkov National Pedagogical University
  • M.N. Galashko Kharkov National Pedagogical University
  • N.I. Galashko Kharkov National Pedagogical University
Keywords: goniometry, armwrestling, amplitude, joint


It is analysed results of goniometry of sportsmen of armwrestling and persons that go in for sport on amateur level. Amplitude of motions is studied in radiocarpal, elbow and humeral joints. It was used results of inspection of 27 persons in age 19-21 year. Large amplitude of motions of sportsmen is confirmed, especially in a radiocarpal joint. Information is interpreted as proof of importance of development of brush for effectiveness in armwrestling. Application of method of cross-correlation matrices was set by more optimum state of sportsmen. The biomechanics features of armwrestling are marked importance of optimum corners of adduction in joints in a frontal plane. Plugging is recommended in the training process of exercises on adduction, bending and unbending of radiocarpal joint. The indicated motions are important with technical tactical positions, their implementation allows to provide the most advantageous position of fighter raceme and provides terms for winning in a fight.


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