Analysis of technical tactical training of highly skilled fighters of Greco-Roman wrestling


  • Y.M. Tropin Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture



technical, tactical, training, competition


An analysis is conducted 55 fights of fighters - winners of final part of competitions. 15 basic technical actions which are most more frequent utillized sportsmen on international competitions are selected. It is certain that technical actions are conducted sportsmen to the bar (49 actions), in an orchestra (58 actions). Three gravimetric groups are exposed: small (55 kg, 60 kg); middle (66 kg, 74 kg, 84 kg); heavy (96 kg, 120 kg). It is set that the most informing at the estimation of economic tactical feasibilities of sportsmen is carried in itself by final part of competitions. It is determined effectiveness, efficiency, amount of attacking actions, technical arsenal. It is certain that fighters must conduct a fight in a high rate. Sportsmen must utillize moving, captures, jerks, shoves. A sportsman must during every period of fight execute 1-2 real attempts of leadthrough of receptions.


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