Role of force training in physical training of student basketball team players

  • S.S. Brynzak National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
  • V.P. Krasnov National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: basketball, college students, strength training, physical training


Presented results of the implementation of the program of strength training in the preparation of the annual cycle of student basketball team. The study involved 15 athletes. The testing program included the evaluation of home and remote speed (running 6 and 20 m with a high launch), speed and overall endurance (2x40 shuttle run test with and Cooper), speed-strength (high jump), strength (gets dynamometry). Strength training program was included in classes 3 times a week for two months before the start of the competition period. Found that the proposed program of strength training improves physical fitness of the players. Marked increase in the level of development of motor qualities of the players during the macrocycle. There was a significant increase in physical fitness of players on the team at the end of the competition period. Marked improvement in starting, telecommuting, speed and speed endurance. Increased overall endurance and strength, but the level of development is low.


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