Author's internet blog as information and communication technologies in the educational space within the physical education students

Keywords: physical education, physical abilities, fitness, internet blog


Purpose : to develop a web blog to attract students to physical culture and reveal their attitudes toward physical education. Material : in the survey participated 800 students from different cities of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Results : Internet blog created on the server "Vkontakte" as a social group called "Sport and motivation. It's nothing personal." With the help of questionnaires using internet blog revealed that of all the attractive aspects of physical fitness and physical development of students give greater preference beautiful physique. In the second place they have is health, then - endurance, agility, strength, speed, flexibility. Girls prefer a beautiful body, flexibility, plasticity, the boys prefer strength, endurance, agility and quickness. Conclusion : the need for the development and application of information and communication technologies and non-traditional forms of physical education to improve the effectiveness of the educational process in physical education in higher education institutions.


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