The relationship between body composition and biomotor performance parameters in U18 football players




football, body composition, sprint, agility, jumping


Background and Study Aim. This study aimed to determine the relationship between body composition and biomotor performance parameters in male football players under 18 years of age (U18). Material and Methods. Eighteen male football players who play in the U18 category in the local football league in Muş province, Turkey voluntarily participated in this research. The players underwent body analysis measurements and performed the following tests: 10-m and 20-m sprints, T agility, vertical jump, and the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test (level 1). The SPSS package program was used for relational and descriptive analysis of the data. The Pearson correlation test was performed to determine relationships between variables in normally distributed data, while the Spearman correlation test was used for non-normally distributed data. Results. A weak negative correlation was observed between the 20-m sprint test and fluid (liquid) mass (r=-.448; p=.047). There was a weak positive correlation between vertical jump heights and lean mass (r=.475; p=.034), muscle mass (r=.475; p=.034), and basal metabolic rate (r=.461; p=.041), while vertical jump and fluid mass (r=.574; p=.008) exhibited a moderate positive correlation. A weak positive correlation was found between the 10-m sprint test and visceral fat (r=.489; p=.029). No significant association existed between the T agility and Yo-Yo tests and body composition parameters (p>.05). Conclusions. Higher levels of lean mass, muscle mass, fluid mass, and basal metabolic rates correlated with improved vertical jump performances. As the fluid mass of the participants increased, their 20-m sprint times also increased; a similar relationship was observed between visceral fat proportions and 10-m sprint times. In order to improve the physical performances of football players, we propose inhibiting the accumulation of body fat while increasing fluid and muscle levels.


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Author Biographies

Muhammed Z. Kahraman, Muş Alparslan University; Muş Alparslan University; Muş, Turkey.

Ersin Arslan, Van Yuzuncu Yil University; Van Yuzuncu Yil University; Van, Turkey.


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