Peculiarities of perfection of training process of the qualified bodybuilder in the competitive period




training, bodybuilding, qualified, optimal


Purpose: study methods of improving the training process of skilled bodybuilders in the competitive period. Material : The study involved 18 athletes aged 18-25 years old. The experiment was conducted for 8 weeks. Used two variants of training techniques: large percentage weights; with smooth dynamics with emphasis on static load muscles. Efficacy was evaluated using the preparation method of expert evaluations. The method involved the use of information on the implementation of directives coach dynamics of power and endurance performance, subjective indicators (health, mood, desire to train). Results : comparative characteristic of the most commonly used methods of training process in bodybuilding. Developed and justified best practices, depending on the initial form of the athlete at the beginning of the competition period of training. Shows the dependence of changes in body weight of the athlete training. Conclusions : the proposed best practices, depending on the microcycle training in the competitive period (precompetitive and competitive mesocycles).


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