CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2010, vol.6

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1. Anikeyev D. M.Expert estimation of ways of improvement of organization of motive activity of student young people 2010.-N6.3
2. Bazilyuk T.A., Kozina Zh.L., Beznes O.E., Koverya V.M.Application of aquafitness of playing orientation in physical education of students 2010.-N6.8
3. Voronov M.P., Stolyarenko O.M.Influence of physical exercises on students with violation of organs of sight 2010.-N6.13
4. Gibaeva N.N., Lyulina N.V., Zakharova L.V.Features of the use of fitness programs on physical culture with students 2010.-N6.16
5. Diachenko A.U.Differences of basic and special functional capacity of athletes in rowing 2010.-N6.19
6. Zinchenko I.A.Factorial structure of physical and technical preparedness of sportsmen in cheerleading on the stage of the specialized base preparation 2010.-N6.22
7. Ivanov V.I., Saenko O.V.The evaluation method of some physical qualities of boxers 2010.-N6.26
8. Kozina Zh.L., Barybina L.N., Kondak N.N., Lisenko V.V.Structure of complex preparedness of students - women's of higher technical institute of different sporting specializations 2010.-N6.29
9. Kozina Zh.L., Polischuk S.B., Chuprina A.I., Chornyy Yu.P.Organization of the advanced study of students of physical culture faculties of higher pedagogical institutes 2010.-N6.33
10. Krasauskas A., Versinskas R.Evaluation criteria of combat wrestling at faculty of public safety students 2010.-N6.36
11. Kurilko M.F.Features of psychological preparation are in the playing types of sport 2010.-N6.40
12. Muntyan V.S.Analysis of factors that determine human's health and influence on it 2010.-N6.44
13. Prudnikova M.S.Research on the stages of macrocycle of motive qualities of bicyclists 12-13 years on the type of build in the period of becoming of ovarian-menstrual cycle 2010.-N6.47
14. Rashed Soud Quftan Aladwan Complex program of prophylaxis deficiencies of the bone tissue structural-functional state in students 2010.-N6.51
15. Saienko V.G., Aloui Iheb Change pulsemeter's of karatekas on separate training employment during the preparatory period 2010.-N6.56
16. Sitnikova N.S.Special features of the training process in the system of multi sports training young athletes 2010.-N6.60
17. Sychev B.V.Research of efficiency of transmissions of ball of commands of high qualification in football 2010.-N6.64
18. Tishchenko V.O.The control process of physical education of students of agrarian type 2010.-N6.67
19. Tkachenko V.S.Research the professional diseases of cyclists 2010.-N6.71
20. Tsybiz G.G., Gnidenko O.G., Chernysch N.I.New approach in leadthrough of employments on physical education of students 2010.-N6.74
21. Jagiello W., Kalina Machey R, Jagiello M.The ability to maintain the body balance in the students of different sports specialization 2010.-N6.79

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