CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2010, vol.1

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1. Biletskaya V.V.Power capacity of primary school age children and how they assess. 2010.-N1.3
2. Boychenko N.V.Methodical peculiarities of technique-tactic sportsmanship of combat sportsman with the help of technical means 2010.-N1.7
3. Van Syue Man, Bondar A.S., Bondar T.S., Vaskov Yu. V., Mameshina M.A., Pugacheva N.V.Some aspects physical mass with population in terms of future specialists physical culture 2010.-N1.11
4. Gaskov A.V. Kuzmin V.A. utin L.P. Development of modelling characteristics of training activity in single combats (in terms of boxing) 2010.-N1.15
5. Gaskov A.V. Kuzmin V.A. utin L.P. Technology of training loads registration in single combats (in terms of boxing) 2010.-N1.19
6. Dmitriev S.V.Principles and methods of anthropo of the organized educational teaching motive actions 2010.-N1.24
7. Druz V.A., Klimenko A.I., Pomeschikova I.P.Social adaptation of persons flawy locomotor system by means of physical education 2010.-N1.34
8. Evdokimov E.I., Holets V.A., Takhmazov V.I.Feature of the reaction to physical exertion of the students, engaged in basketball and judo 2010.-N1.38
9. Zhuravel A.V.Individualization of fire preparation of students of higher educational establishments of M of Ukraine taking into account features of their motility 2010.-N1.42
10. Zaytsev V.P., Manucharyan S.V., Kramskoy S.I., Evsyutina V.B.Substantive provisions of physical restoration are in higher educational establishment 2010.-N1.46
11. Zakorko I.P.ombat training of employees of organs of internal affairs of Ukraine: problems and perspectives 2010.-N1.49
12. Kozina Zh.L., ZaschuK S.G., Grin' l.V. Conformities to law individual dynamics of playing effectiveness of basketball-players of collapsible command of Ukraine 2010.-N1.52
13. Kriventsova I.V.Physical training of fencers in education of future pedagogues 2010.-N1.57
14. Krivoruchenko O.V.Connection between the level of physical preparedness and type of the vegetative adjusting of cardiac rhythm of sportsmen, specialized in at run on midranges 2010.-N1.60
15. Krylovskiy O.V.Perfection of physical preparation of students by facilities of boxing 2010.-N1.66
16. Kutergin N.B., Ryabushenko A.A., Gorbotenko A.V.Optimum aggression development in wrestlers 2010.-N1.70
17. Lisenchuk G.A., Zaloylo V.V., Guravlev S.O.Specification of physical preparation of football players of 15-16 years old as a basic for complex control 2010.-N1.75
18. Malinauskas R., Brusokas A.Peculiarities of psychical stability among basketball players of different performance level 2010.-N1.80
19. Martirosova T.A.Forming of key motive competence of man by means of education and perfection of endurance as physical quality 2010.-N1.83
20. Preobrazhenskaya O..heoretical analysis researches of problem cultures of health 2010.-N1.87
21. Prudnikova M.S.Research of the functional state under act of the physical loadings of young bicyclists 12-13 years in setup time taking into account becoming of genesial function 2010.-N1.91
22. Rybachok R. O.Valuation efficiency of stimulation subsidiary means application to performance characteristic of qualified boxers 2010.-N1.97
23. Stech M.The jumping action's indices of female volleyball players and their relation at some somatic characteristics 2010.-N1.102
24. Tupeev Y.V.Features of kinematic structure of motor actions technique in the freestyle wrestlers with different qualification 2010.-N1.106
25. Shalar O.G., Snopova Y.A., Strykalenko E.A.Psychological compatibility of women's handball team 2010.-N1.109

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