CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2012, vol.3

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1. Adashevskiy V.M., Iermakov S.S., Shabashov V.A.Determination of main rational biomechanical characteristics in shooting from a bow 2012.-N3.5
2. Balamutova N.M.Hypoxic training for swimmer's combined team preparation of the law university 2012.-N3.11
3. Bondar T.S., Roters T.T.The issue of the day of physical education of teenagers in children' establishments of making healthy and rest 2012.-N3.15
4. Valkevich A.V.Influence of the program of prophylaxis of violations of vaults of foot on physical preparedness of children of junior school age 2012.-N3.19
5. Hanchar А.І., Garkusha S.V.Theoretical methodical aspects of forming skills of swimming among the different groups of population in the process of physical education and sport taking into account gender differences 2012.-N3.24
6. Danil'chenko V.A., Khabinets T.A., Khlevna Iu.L.Use of information technologies in the process of teaching technique of motive actions 2012.-N3.29
7. Evdokimov E.I., Golec V.A.Intercommunication of factors the energy products and peroxidation at training 2012.-N3.33
8. Yermolayeva T.N.Development of creative capabilities of students of classic university in the process of physical education 2012.-N3.37
9. Zyankin А.N., Lysenko V.N.To a problem of admittance of students to the main department to study an athletic gymnastics 2012.-N3.41
10. Kamaiev O.I., Kamaieva E.K.The role of personal and competent approach onto health-preserving technologies at the conditions of higher educational institution 2012.-N3.45
11. Kozhevnikova L.K.Professional-applied pedagogical teaching of junior school future teachers to working activity 2012.-N3.49
12. Kozina Zh.L., Iermakov S.S., Pogorelova A.O.The methodological basis for determining individual characteristics of volleyball players at the stage of basic training specialist 2012.-N3.53
13. Kozina Zh.L., Antonov O.V., Kozin S.V., Grin L.V.Changing the functional state of the pupils of high classes during the passage of obstacles rope park 2012.-N3.61
14. Kostenko А. N.Theoretical and methodological principles of professional-applied physical training of pedagogical students 2012.-N3.67
15. Kosheleva E.A.Organizationally-methodical terms of construction of process of physical education in higher institute as factor of forming of motivation of students to employments by physical culture 2012.-N3.70
16. Кuzmina L.M., Filippov M.M.Formation stability to load - related hypoxia of sportsmen, specializing in fin swimming 2012.-N3.74
17. Latyshev N.V., Prichodko V.V.The estimate efficiency of techniques development special endurance wrestlers at the specialized basic training 2012.-N3.78
18. Moskalenko N.V., Kovtun A.A.Influence of physical culture and sport on the psychophysiological state of students 2012.-N3.83
19. Mohammed Ali Khaleel.Psychophysical rehabilitation aspects of patient with coronary heart disease and Angina 2012.-N3.87
20. Nebesnaya V.V., Gridina N.A., Kashuba Y.V.Selection of students in the sports section of physiological mobility indicators 2012.-N3.91
21. Olkhovy O.M.Model of future officers' availability to the management physical training 2012.-N3.94
22. Pilipko O.A.Peculiarities of technical and tactical skill skilled athlete specializing in swimming way to track 100 metres breaststroke 2012.-N3.98
23. Samolenko T.V.Use of trainings in mountain terms in the olympic annual loop of preparation in at run on midranges 2012.-N3.103
24. Temchenko V.A., Chucha N.I.Assessment succession of student's goes in for basketball. 2012.-N3.108
25. Fedorenko S.N., Lazarieva E.B., Kormiltsev V.V.The using of aquafitnes in the physical rehabilitation of patients with vertebral pathology 2012.-N3.112
26. Charikova K.M.Training simulator for teaching a technique to the long transmission of ball in basket-ball by a method by an arcuated hand from above with threaten 2012.-N3.116
27. Chivil A.A.The importance of symmetric development of physical qualities in rhythmic gymnastics 2012.-N3.119
28. Geng Haijun, Wang Xinna.Part movement characteristics analysis of adolescent weightlifter's body 2012.-N3.123
29. Navid Lotfi, Yaghub Habibi, Saeid Rajabi, Ali Rajabi.Comparative investigation of quality of life of athlete and non-athlete older adults 2012.-N3.127
30. Reza Andam, Asieh Ghorbanian Rajabi, Nooshin Benar, Seied Shahoo Hosseini.The comparison of self esteem between volunteer and non volunteer students in universities sport in Iran 2012.-N3.130
31. Miroslawa Szark-Eckardt, Michalina Kuska, Hanna Zukowska, Sergii Iermakov..Conditionality of motor activity by the disabled in the kujawsko-pomorskie region 2012.-N3.136

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