CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2011, vol.3

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1. Adashevskiy V.M., Dylewski Michal, Iermakov S.S.Modeling and rational determination of the main biomechanical characteristics in javelin throwing 2011.-N3.3
2. Balamutova N.M., Sidorenko G.M.Therapeutic swimming in a special medical group of female students, who have osteochondrosis of the cervical spine 2011.-N3.8
3. Belokopitova G.A., Lavrentieva V.A., Kozhevnikova L.K.The effectiveness of the developed program of 10-13 years girls' coordinative abilities going in for calisthenics 2011.-N3.12
4. Vinogradov V.E., Mischenko V.S.The effectiveness of an interconnected use of recovery and stimulating efficiency in microcycle with large loads of special focus (after the example of rowing) 2011.-N3.16
5. Gizalieva S.R., Nurmatova T.V., Bakuradze N.S.The process of modeling in the structure of supplementary educational programs 2011.-N3.23
6. Gulbany R.Sh., Taran A.A.Application of yoga in physical rehabilitation joint and muscle flexibility in women 35-45 years 2011.-N3.27
7. Dmitriev S.V.Hominized oriented educational technologies of subject formation of professional activities 2011.-N3.30
8. Dmitriev S.V.Hominized high school technologies - it is important professional in progress, but not trained specialist 2011.-N3.37
9. Yevdokimov E.I.Intercommunication of consumption of oxygen and dynamics of biochemical indexes of blood of sportsmen under the influence of the physical loading 2011.-N3.42
10. Kamaeva O.K., Kamaev B.O.Peculiarities of ski technique studying on the basis of innovative technologies 2011.-N3.46
11. Kraynyuk O.P.Interaction forming moral and strong will qualities of college students during physical culture with patriotic 2011.-N3.49
12. Kozin V.V., Lalakov G.S.Modelling and algorithmization technics and tactic activity of sportsmen on the basis of situational decomposition 2011.-N3.53
13. Kozina Zh.L, Barybina L.N Mishchenko D.I, Zigunov A.A., Kozin A.V.The program "Psychodiagnostics" as a means of determining psychophysiological characteristics and functional status in physical education students 2011.-N3.56
14. Kozina Zh.L., Iermakov S.S., Prusik Kristof. Methodological analysis of the system of training of students' basketball teams 2011.-N3.60
15. lhovoy O.M., Korchagin N.V., Krasota V.N.Physical training of students of the second year studying of higher educational establishments 2011.-N3.68
16. Popichev M.I.Complex diagnostics and estimation of health of students level 2011.-N3.71
17. Popov F.I., Marakushin A.I., Breslavets N.N.Aircrew physical training is the component of flight safety 2011.-N3.76
18. Rozhentsov V.V., Polevschikov M.M.The accuracy of measuring the time of excitation of the visual analyzer 2011.-N3.80
19. Savchenko M.I., Kovaliov A.O., Kovaliova Y.A.Analysis of effectiveness of the use of track-and-field start in modern swimming 2011.-N3.83
20. Serdyuk I.V.Intercommunication of indexes of physical development and power preparedness of girls 18-20 years 2011.-N3.87
21. Skyriene V., Bukauskas G., Minkevicius R., Margeliene N., Zaleckas G., Liekis E.Students (female) physical capacity assessment depending on physical activity 2011.-N3.90
22. Futorny S.., Kashuba V.A.The role of physical education and sport in the orientation of students on a physical fitness 2011.-N3.94
23. Chernozub A.A.Nature of changes in body composition indices in students during physical training using a set of athleticism 2011.-N3.99
24. Shakhlina L.G., Kogan B.G., Tristan O.S.The comprehensive program of physical rehabilitation of adolescents with insulin-dependent diabetes, its specificity and efficiency 2011.-N3.103
25. Schekina N.B.Physical education of pupils as a factor of forming health (the 1st part of XX century) 2011.-N3.108
26. Jagello Wladislaw, Vechorek Voyjchjekh, Jagello Marina.The level of knowledge about nutrition among women engaged in recreational fitness 2011.-N3.112
27. Yasko G.V., Kashuba E.V.nnovation sports and health areas in universities supporting basis orientation 2011.-N3.116
28. Markovic Sasa, Markovic Kristina, Kramskoj S.The transformational processes involving motor skills that occur under the influence of basic preliminary training in young handball players 2011.-N3.119

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