CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2011, vol.2

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1. Bakum A.V., Sergienko K.N.Analysis of the effect of attacks with weapons in competitive activities fencers qualifications 2011.-N2.3
2. Balamutova N.M., Brusnyk V.V.Improvement the methods of pedagogical control of physical development of students. 2011.-N2.6
3. Bondarenko I.G.The ddetermination of the level of student's physical preparation: movement tests and the method of indexes 2011.-N2.10
4. Boreyko N.U.Development of system in physical education for higher technical educational institution 2011.-N2.14
5. Vovk V.M.Theoretical pattern of supporting continuity in physical education of students' personality 2011.-N2.19
6. Gorbenko E.V.To the problem of forming of the system of professional values of students of higher educational establishments of physical culture in modern terms 2011.-N2.23
7. Gureeva A.M., Klopоv R.V.Defining the meaningful stimuli for exercises of physical education by female students of the university 2011.-N2.27
8. Dmitriev S.VHow to transform the information into knowledge and to make their means of activity 2011.-N2.31
9. Iefremenko A.V.Increased efficiency in competitive athletes microcycles in the modern pentathlon 2011.-N2.40
10. Zyankin A.M.Power: its development and dynamics of young students during their studies at university 2011.-N2.44
11. Kamaev O.I., Pilipec A.V., Beloshenko U.K.Conditions and ways of improvement of training methods of cadets in the Academy of Interior Troops of the MIA of Ukraine 2011.-N2.47
12. Kolos N.A., Malinsky I.I., Yaremenko V.V.An experiment of using informative methodical system "Harmony of the body" in the process of physical education in students' youth 2011.-N2.50
13. Krasulia M.Research on aerobics classes influence on physical prepareduess of students 2011.-N2.54
14. Kucherenko A.S.The problem of improving health in Canada. Role of physical activity in this problem 2011.-N2.58
15. Leleko D.A.Comparative analysis of physical preparedness of 14-15-years-old tennis players (boys) 2011.-N2.61
16. Lee Bo.Perfection aerobic possibilities of athletes in sport dance 2011.-N2.64
17. Van Likhua, Mudrik V.I., Putyatina G.N.Analysis and estimation of readiness of students of province of Khebey bor taking the state standards of physical preparedness 2011.-N2.67
18. Mishchenko V., Vinogradov V., Melnik L., Kuehne T.The changes of body balance, motor coordination capacities and flexibility of young females induced by health-related physical training combined with the whole body vibration (vibration platforms). The aim of studies was to determine chang 2011.-N2.71
19. Muntian V.S.Problem questions of conceptual vehicle in theory and practice of physical education and sport 2011.-N2.77
20. Popichev M.I., Nosov Y.A.Peculiarities of endurance development of students of legal higher educational establishment 2011.-N2.81
21. Sedliar Yu.V.Analysis of technologies of monitoring the children's, teenager's and student's posture during the physical education 2011.-N2.85
22. Stankevych L.G., Zemtsova I.I., Gatilova H.D.Monitoring of metabolism data in canoeists at the stage of preparatory training period 2011.-N2.89
23. Tverdokhlib O.F., Smovjenko A.M., Pokotylo K.I.The analysis and reconstruction of cult psychosomatic training poses of Trypilska Culture in sitting positions on the low-seats with legs apart 2011.-N2.93
24. Temchenko V.A., Kovtun Y.V.Assessment succession of student's goes in for table tennis 2011.-N2.97
25. Tomenko О.A.Methods of quantitative assessment of physical culture of the individual pupils 2011.-N2.100
26. Turchina N.I.Feature of subjective evaluation of efficiency of studies of physical education among students 2011.-N2.103
27. Firynskaya O.A.The importance of flexibility in training activities of female judoist 2011.-N2.106
28. Horiakov V.A.Evaluation of functional state of athletes under loads up to "failure" by indicators of heart rate 2011.-N2.109
29. Chernenko E. E., Malikov N.V.The influence of fitball-aerobics classes on the level of female-students physical preparation 2011.-N2.112
30. Bondarev D.V.Factors influencing cardiovascular responses during small-sided soccer games performed with recreational purposes 2011.-N2.115
31. Bahman Mirzaei, Farhad Rahmani-Nia, David G. Curby, Ioanis Barbas, Navid Lotfi.Changes in physiological parameters in cadet wrestlers following a 4-week general preparation phase 2011.-N2.119

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