CONTENTS: Physical education of the student of creative specialties / collected articles. - Kharkov, Ukraine. - 2009. - N1. - 180 p.

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1. Afanasyev V.V., Scherbachenko V.K.Tabletennis in NTUU "Kiev Politechnic Institute". 2009.-N1.3
2. Boychenko N.V.The Analysis of Serial Technique During Competitive Dual in "Kiokushinskay" Karate 2009.-N1.11
3. Vatseba O.M., Stepanyuk S.I.International Student's Sports Locomotion as Important Amounting International Sports 2009.-N1.19
4. Gabelkova Olga, Lesuk Olga.Application of Outdoor Games as the Means of Rise of Students' Interest to the Lessons of General Physical Activity 2009.-N1.25
5. Grebennikova V.V., Simakova L.N., Shundeev A.A.Modifications of Morphological Parameters of Professional Sportsmen - Basketball Players of Youthful Age in the Preparatory Term 2009.-N1.34
6. Dmitriev S.V.Stroke of the Football Player on a Ball - Neuromotor and Semantic Programs of Action 2009.-N1.44
7. Dovbysh V.I., Baranec P.A. Grin' L.V.Procedure of Development of Force on Occupations on Specialization "Athletic Gymnastics" at the Kharkov National University of a Name of N.Karazina. 2009.-N1.54
8. Dovbysh V.I., Baranec P.A., Yermakov S.S.The Methods of Development of Dexterity on Initial Stage of the Education Volleyball 2009.-N1.60
9. Dovbysh V.I., Baranec P.A., Onischenko V. S.Independent Occupations by Physical Exercises in Mode of the Day Student - an Additional Motor Activity for Development Physical Quality and Fortifications of Health 2009.-N1.65
10. Zemba E.A., Morozova E.N.Physical Training and Sports as a Means of Correction of Defects of Bearing 2009.-N1.71
11. Kamaev O.I., Zabora A.V.Scientifically - Methodical Fundamentalses of the Individualization of Special Physical Preparation of Cadets of the Higher Rates 2009.-N1.78
12. Kovtun Y.V., Kupyro V.V., Temchenko V.A.Table tennis in the System of Employment on Physical Training in High School 2009.-N1.84
13. Kolomiec N.A.Results of Determination of Efficiency of Kognitiv Processes on Different Pulse Areas of Orientationeres of High Class 2009.-N1.93
14. Muntian V.S.Integral Special Coaching as a Method to Increase the Level of Sportsmen Training 2009.-N1.101
15. Nizhnichenko D.O.The Features of Adaptation Reactions of the Cardio-Vascular and Respiratory Systems of Organism of Powerlifters on the Physical Loading on the Stage of Previous Base Preparation 2009.-N1.109
16. Oleinik N.A., Bondarenko T.V., Zaitsev V.P., Evsyutina V.B.Main Principles of Construction of the Program on Art Gymnastics for Students of not Sports High School 2009.-N1.116
17. Petrenko N.V., Nikolchev A.D.Traumatism During the Trainings and Sport Competitions in Institutes of Higher Education and the Ways of Avoiding it 2009.-N1.123
18. Pomeshikova I. P. Pomeshikov S. S. Chucha N. I.Research of Efficiency of Teaching Team Tactical Actions in Basketball Through Audiovisual Informative Program 2009.-N1.129
19. Sabinin L.T., Danilova E.N.The Problems and Prospects of Development of Playing Kinds of Sports in the Institutes of Higher Education in the City Krasnoyarsk 2009.-N1.137
20. Savchenko M.I.The Module System of Studying Bloke "Swimming" in Hider Education 2009.-N1.143
21. Sidorchenko K.The Organizational-Methodical Conditions of Optimization the Content of Studies with Sanitary Course in the Process of Boys-Teenagers' Physical Education 2009.-N1.149
22. Sigal N.S., Aleksandrov Y.V., Homenko E.V.Psychological Compatibility as an Efficiency Factor in Joint Activity in Sport Dances 2009.-N1.155
23. Shishlova D.V., Ananchenko K.V., Grin' L.V. Analize to the state of question of features of preparation of skilled judoists-wumen 2009.-N1.168

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