CONTENTS: Physical education of the student of creative specialties / collected articles. - Kharkov, Ukraine. - 2008. - N2. - 140 p.

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1. Gaskov A.V., Kuzmin V.A.Model Characteristics of Youth Boxers' Competition Activity 2008.-N2.3
2. Gorchanyuk Y.A.Betterment of Technical Training of Sportsmen in Beach Volleyball on the Basis Of Biomechanical Models of Migrations 2008.-N2.11
3. Dmitriev S.V.Production Engineering Simulation of Motive Actions - Didactic Fundamentals 2008.-N2.17
4. Kotchenko Y.V.Method of Construction of Training for Improving Special Endurance in Rock-Climbing in the Sports Development Groups of Students of Higher Education Institutes 2008.-N2.32
5. Kudrashova T.I.Mathematic-Prognostycal Modelling of Indexes of Young Pushrods of Kernel on the Stage of Initial Sporting Specialization 2008.-N2.38
6. Lyulina N.V., Vetrova I.V.Development of Coordination is in the Educational Training Process of Freestylers 2008.-N2.45
7. Ogurtsova M.B., Dyomin A.N., Kippa E.V.Typological Features of Peripheral Circulation of Blood on Sportsmen - Swimmers at the Physical Exercise in Different Body Position. 2008.-N2.51
8. Taran L.N.Definition of Volumes of Training Loads in the Basic Cyclic Means of Training for Juvenile Skiers of Racing Drivers of 15-16 Years 2008.-N2.58
9. Trifan A.The History of the Formation of Volleyball in Zakarpattia. The Second Stage (1945-1990) 2008.-N2.65
10. Ajitskiy K.Y., Buren N.V., Коrotkih S.V., Tkachenko I. P., Jukov V.I.About Effect of Jogging of Low Intensity on Exercises on Physical Training on Aerobic Opportunities of an Organism of Students 2008.-N2.78
11. Ashanin V.S., Nesterenko N.S.Technology of the Computer Testing Working out of Students Knowledges in the Conditions of the Credit-Module System 2008.-N2.84
12. Bajtalo G.M.Physical Development of Population of Country and Problem of Efficiency of Socialization of Personality of Students of Higher Educational Establishments of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine by Means of Sporting Activity 2008.-N2.90
13. Bismak L.V.Complex Physical Rehabilitation of Women of 21-35 Years, Suffering a Vegeto-Vascular Dystonia on Hypotonic Type, at a Polyclinic Stage of Rehabilitation 2008.-N2.97
14. Gontar O.P.Problem of Formation of Physical Training of the Person of the Student in the Theory and Practice of a Pedagogical Science 2008.-N2.103
15. Darmofal E.A., Oleinik N.A., Zaitsev V.P.Use in Physical Training Electronic-Computational and Multimedia Technologies 2008.-N2.110
16. Deineko A.H., Krasova I.V., Karatsupa E. V.Sports Activity of the Population of Ukraine in a Context of Sociological Analysis 2008.-N2.117
17. Dovbysh V. I., Gabelkova O.E., Kurilov A.A.Recovery Student by Unusual Methods 2008.-N2.123
18. Spiridonov E.A.Connection of Chronobiological Special Features with the Physical Quality the Accuracy 2008.-N2.128

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