CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2012, vol.1

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1. Agapov D.V., Syshko D.V., Pavlenko V.B.Efficiency of application of special exercises and exercises with the use of baseball pitching machine 2012.-N1.3
2. Bakanova A.F.Forming of healthy style of vital functions and problem of individualization of physical preparedness of students' youth 2012.-N1.8
3. Balamutova N.M.Hydropedagogics and hydrokinesiotherapy as a facility of rehabilitation for students that have scoliosis 2012.-N1.13
4. Bezverkhnya G.V., Gonchar G.I.Motivational priorities to successful activity of students of faculty of physical education 2012.-N1.18
5. Vaskov U.V.Innovative approaches are in organization of educational process of pupils general schools 2012.-N1.24
6. Kashuba V.A., Danil'chenko V.A., Khabinets T.A.To the question of the using of information technologies in the educational process of cadets of MIA of Ukraine 2012.-N1.30
7. Klochko L.I., Trofimov V.A.General description of capacity for sportswomen of high class in the period of ovarian-menstrual cycle at run on endurance 2012.-N1.34
8. Kogevnikova L.K.Education of coordinating capabilities of students on exercises 2012.-N1.38
9. Kozina Zh.L., Iermakov S.S., Bazilyuk T.A., Voloshina E.Innovative technologies of aquafitness of playing orientation with the use of technical devices in physical education of students 2012.-N1.42
10. Kozlova N.A.Development of framework centralized training of athletes in Olympic sports 2012.-N1.47
11. Kopotchinskaya J.V.Research of indexes of bodily condition of students, having surplus mass of body, on extent of phases of ovarian-menstrual cycle 2012.-N1.51
12. Kulthickiy Z.I.Level of bodily condition of sportsmen of weight sport at different weather terms 2012.-N1.56
13. Kurko Ya.V., Fedchishin O. Ya.Indexes of health of students engaged in health swimming 2012.-N1.59
14. Maksimenko I.G.Study of perspectives of individualization of long-term preparation of young sportsmen in team games 2012.-N1.63
15. Mykhajlova N.E.The main components of a program of physical rehabilitation of children with congenital clubfoot 2012.-N1.66
16. Michuda Y.P., Ridha F.The environment of marketing of football clubs of Iraq 2012.-N1.70
17. Mishchenko V.S., Kuehne T., Vinogradov V.E., Melnik L.J., Niewiadomska A.The effects of health-related physical training combined with whole body vibration (vibration platform) on strength capacities of young females 2012.-N1.75
18. Noreyko S.B.State of function of external breathing of healthy people of young age 2012.-N1.84
19. Podrigalo L.V., Galashko N.I., Galashko M.N.Using ergonomic approaches for increasing effect of preparation at arm sport 2012.-N1.87
20. Rytsarev V.V.Conception of biomachine as basis for development of effective method of preparation of sportsmen of high class 2012.-N1.91
21. Sazonets V.I.Exposure of retentive factors of development of olympic types of sport and direction of perfection of control the system by sporting activity 2012.-N1.100
22. Sobko I. N., Kudelko V. E., Schevchenko O.A.Current control of physical and functional preparedness of female basketball players with hearing defects 2012.-N1.105
23. Shamardin V.N.Comparative characteristics of the technical and tactical work of highly qualified football team in the won, lost and drawn matches 2012.-N1.108

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