CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2011, vol.5

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1. Bubka S.N. The Ancient Greece's roots of Olimpism 2011.-N5.3
2. Vovk V.M. Vital activity as main factor in ensuring the process to receivership of the physical education schoolchildren and students 2011.-N5.8
3. Guo Penchen. Improving the functionality of the paddlers in a cano specializing in competitive distance 1000 meters 2011.-N5.13
4. Delbany Hassan. Methods of assessing the constitutional status of schoolchildren during physical education 2011.-N5.17
5. Emshanova Y.O. The individual topological characteristics of the tennis players and their influence on competition results 2011.-N5.22
6. Zavalniuk V.D. General and specific features of organization hockey in the light of regional development kind of sports 2011.-N5.26
7. Zaytsev V.P., Iermakov S.S., Gorner Karol, Prusik Kristof. Methods of research of the cardiovascular system for the students of athletic of higher institute in the process of recreation rest 2011.-N5.33
8. Zaytsev V.P., Iermakov S.S., Prusik Kristof, Prusik Katerina. Methodological aspects of practical training for students based on complexes of exercise rehabilitation orientation. 2011.-N5.42
9. Ivchatova T.V., Rudnytsky A.V. Characteristics of the spatial organization of the body of students during physical education 2011.-N5.58
10. Kirko G. A. The impact of professional-applied physical training to develop students' performance 2011.-N5.62
11. Mameri Farid. Criterial analysis of formation values of a healthy lifestyle of students 2011.-N5.66
12. Osipov V. N. Physical rehabilitation athletes for prevention of fatigue in women's basketball 2011.-N5.71
13. Pomazan A. A. The results of questioning of students about the state of physical education at the Kharkov Institute of Banking of National Bank of Ukraine 2011.-N5.76
14. Tishchenko V.P. A correction of water balance in sport 2011.-N5.81
15. Uskov S.V. Engaged in a physical culture and sport as a basic formative system factor of influence on the healthy way of life of young people 2011.-N5.86
16. Sheriff Sarhan. Determinants of group cohesion on the football team 2011.-N5.91

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