CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2011, vol.4

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1. Andreeva N.O. Perfection of methods of training to the technics of throws and catching of gymnastic subject matters at a stage of special base preparation 2011.-N4.3
2. Andreeva M.O., Girnov A.V., Boloban V.M. Indexes of development of sensomotor coordination of people that training calisthenics on the stages of preproduction basic and special basic training 2011.-N4.6
3. Artemenko T.G. Personality of young basketball and feasibility of improving the sport 2011.-N4.16
4. Gorlov A.S. Changes of pedagogical indexes of motive functions of runnerssprinters of 14-17 years old under the influence of restoration microcycles of preparatory periods 2011.-N4.22
5. Zaytzev V.P. Forming of valeological and recreational students culture (Analysis of literature sources and doctor and pedagogical oversight). 2011.-N4.27
6. Kozina J.L., Iermakov S.S., Jagiello Marina. Application of yoga in physical rehabilitation joint and muscle flexibility in women 35-45 years 2011.-N4.37
7. Kozina Zh.L., Dolzhko F.N., Lido A.S., Vaksler M.A., Tihonova A.A. Methodological basement of individual regulation of a size of physical loading at pupil of middle class during basketball lessons 2011.-N4.44
8. Korolinskaya S.V. Some problems of adaptation of foreign students of English department of National Pharmaceutical University 2011.-N4.48
9. Lisovsky B.P., Sultanova I.D. Heart rate variability during the regeneration period of students with the various level of physical efficiency 2011.-N4.52
10. Mameri Farid. Structural and functional model of the value of a healthy lifestyle of students 2011.-N4.56
11. Osipov V.N., Osipova E.N. Features of adaptive reactions and circulatory system to physical loading in major league basketball players 2011.-N4.60
12. Percukhov .A. Intercommunication of indexes of overall sizes of body and functional preparedness of footballers 17-19 years 2011.-N4.64
13. Poproshaev O.V., Muntian V.S. Advantages of sectional shape of the educational process for discipline Physical education 2011.-N4.67
14. Samokih I.I. Hysteretic method of identifying features as a criterion for evaluating performance in physical education in higher education 2011.-N4.71
15. Uskov S.V. An employment karate - one of backbone factors of psychohygiene of youth 2011.-N4.75
16. Futorny S.. Motor activity and its influence on health and lifetime of human life 2011.-N4.79
17. Charikova K.M., Senchenko K.E. Calculation of trajectory parameters of long pass in basketball 2011.-N4.84
18. Chukhlantseva N.V. Research of features of professional activity of specialists of motor industry industry 2011.-N4.88
19. Yukhno Ju.A., Zarudniy V.Ju., Oleksenko I.M., Guravel O.V. Memberships and structure of competition activity at pankration at the modern stage of its development 2011.-N4.92
20. Jagiello Wladyslaw, Vechorek Voycheh, Jagiello Marina. The level of knowledge about the planning of training process of males engaged in recreational fitness. 2011.-N4.96

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