CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2009, vol.3

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1. Voronyanskaya L.K., Galkin L.G., Evsyutina V.B.Role curing physical culture in the rehabilitation of patients with the diseases of locomotorium. 2009.-N3.3
2. Holets V.A., Evdokimov E.I.The employment of S.A. Dushanins multifactorial express diagnostics for predicting response to physical stress 2009.-N3.6
3. Dikii B.V.Prospects of the use of hardening natural climatic factors for the rehabilitation of somatopathies 2009.-N3.12
4. Dragunov L.A.The analysis of theory-methodical approaches of precompetitive preparation in sport swimming 2009.-N3.16
5. Efremenko A.V.Effects of the isolated influence of means the training directed on activization neurogenic stimulus reactions in recovery in modern pentathlon 2009.-N3.19
6. Zaycev V.P, Zalaeva S.S., Manucharyan S.V., Polyakova M.A.Physical recrearie in the system of resorts and sanatoriums 2009.-N3.23
7. ZaschuK S.G., Kozina Zh.l., Chesnokov G.S., Kirsanov N.V.Results of the complex testing of basketball-players of student commands 2009.-N3.27
8. Zinchenko I.O.Perfection of technical preparation in cheerleading (work is with pompons) 2009.-N3.31
9. Kasianenko O.G.Developing of antique Olympic plays in a roman period at board of different emperors 2009.-N3.38
10. Kachurovs'kyy D.O.Significant problems of swimming in Ukraine 2009.-N3.41
11. Kashuba V.A., Dolzhykova O.A.Use of interactive technologies in the system of preparing specialists in the field of physical education and sport 2009.-N3.46
12. Kashuba V.A., Bondar E.M.Modern knowledge about prevention and correction of functional disorders of the supporting-motor apparatus of the senior preschool age children in the process of physical education 2009.-N3.51
13. Kizima A.V.Optimization of technical preparedness in the basic types of track-and-field, as one of directions on warning of traumas on employments 2009.-N3.54
14. Kozina Zh.L., ZaschuK S.G., Slyusarev V.F.The command and individual structure of preparedness of basketball-players of student commands 2009.-N3.60
15. Kolomiec N.A., Kozina Zh.l., Antonov O.V., Popova A.V., Grin' L.V.The regressive models of physiological and psychological indexes at passing of competition distances skilled orienteerings 2009.-N3.66
16. Kora N.A.The potential of physical culture and sport in prevention of young peoples anti-social behaviour 2009.-N3.70
17. Leyfa A.V.Maintenance and methods of forming theoretical knowledge and methodical and practical abilities in area of physical culture for students, future specialists on social work 2009.-N3.74
18. Nesterova T.V. , Sivash I.S.Modern state and perspective of techniques perfection of impellent interactions in group exercises of rhythmic gymnastics by application of multimedia technologies 2009.-N3.79
19. Ogar' G.O., Lasitsa V. I.Optimization of preparation of skilled wrestlers by perfection of method of the special preparation 2009.-N3.84
20. Odinec T.E.Change of amplitude of motion and force of hand for women after a radical mammectomy 2009.-N3.87
21. Popichev M.I., Nosov U.A.Dynamics of frequency of palpitation of students after the endurance loading defined according to the "speaking test" 2009.-N3.91
22. Saptsin V.M., Tsipoviaz A.T.The principle of uncertainty and the problem of measurability in sports pedagogy and competitions 2009.-N3.95
23. Sinigovets V.I.Improving technologies in physical training of students with violations of spatial organization of a skew field 2009.-N3.100
24. Fanigina O.U.The peculiarities of training process creation in bowling in summer camp 2009.-N3.104

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