CONTENTS: Physical education of the student of creative specialties / collected articles. - Kharkov, Ukraine. - 2008. - N1. - 112 p.

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1. Amir Seifaddini Mohammed Reza.About efficacyy use of the information on biomechanical frame in the capacity of a fundamentals of pedagogical process of mastering of football stroke 2008.-N1.3
2. Ashanin V.S., Pyatusotskay S.S.Individualization of training process of sportsmen in karate on the basis of informative model of different sides preparedness of sportsmen 2008.-N1.7
3. Esan V.G.Features of tactical preparation of fighters of the top skills with the count of individual styles of support of the duel. 2008.-N1.13
4. Kozina Z.L.The State-of-the-art review of scientific researches on issue of individualization of process of preparation of sportsmen 2008.-N1.18
5. Muntyan V.S.Optimization of a structure of precompetition mesocycles for qualified sportsmen 2008.-N1.29
6. Pashkov I.N.Role of sensory systems at development of coordination abilities. In the given paper survey of a role of sensory systems in development of coordination abilities is given 2008.-N1.38
7. Romanenko V.V.Biomechanical analysis of the basic technique executed by foots in taekwondo 2008.-N1.44
8. Arutyunyan Т.G.Interrelation military - patriotic and physical training schoolboys in a comprehensive school 2008.-N1.50
9. Baranez P. A., Dovbysh V. I.Special physical training of first year students in volleyball with using various technical ways of studying 2008.-N1.55
10. Bondarev D.V., Galchinskiy V.A.Features of psychophysical opportunities of the students recreative with sports 2008.-N1.59
11. Iepishkin I.V., Popihev M.I, Yakovhuk T.V. Mullashirov R.N, Nosov U.A.Pedagogical analysis and recommendations from the improvement of the state of students health 2008.-N1.64
12. Zaitsev V.P., Bondarenko T.V., Panina E.L.Use of sports and single combats as means of psychophysical regulation of professional serviceability of the future experts 2008.-N1.71
13. Ziyad Hmaidi Ahmad Nasralla.Use of modern information technologies during adaptive physical training 2008.-N1.77
14. Kononenko T.P.Premises of shaping inconvertible motives - interests and stimulants at students of higher educational institutions 2008.-N1.86
15. Mosab S.H.Amudi, Pustovoit B.A.Dysplastic knee joint - gonarthroz (the concept of diagnostic, treatment and a physical aftertreatment) 2008.-N1.92
16. Rovnyi A.S., Buren N. V.Correction of psychophysical preparedness of the student technical specialty by playing exercises 2008.-N1.97
17. Shonina T.A.The usage of tennis game means in raising the level of physical preparedness of students 2008.-N1.103

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