Title (journal) Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov tvorceskih special'nostej
=Physical education of the student of creative specialties. - 2008. - N 1.
Pages 13-18
Title (article) Features of tactical preparation of fighters of the top skills with the count of individual styles of support of the duel
Authors Esan
Kharkov state academy of physical culture
Annotation In article the data of methodical pedagogical researches of training and competitions process of the gullied fighters of a freestyle are submitted. Tactical preparation of fighters is reduced to the decision of several problems. To seize the means of tactical preparation for used by fighters in competitions. To expand an arsenal of means of tactical preparation for carrying out of attacking actions also use own individual tactical stile of managing conflict in competition.
Key words competitive activity
rules of competitions tactics
means of tactical preparation
beducing from balance

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