CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2010, vol.3

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1. Belokopitova J.A., Lavpentieva V.O., Kozhevnikova L.K.Content and structure of program developing the coordinating abilities of 10-13 years girls going in for calisthenics 2010.-N3.3
2. Borodin U.A., Arzyutov G.N.The results of research of value of motive activity of people are presented in the system of vital functions 2010.-N3.9
3. Voronov N.P. Stolyarenko O.M.Usage of innovative technologies in physical education of students 2010.-N3.14
4. Dmitriev S.V.Principles of creating target in sport - new definitions, new realities or paradoxes of thinking? 2010.-N3.17
5. Klymenko A.I.Regulation of psychic functions in combat sport 2010.-N3.31
6. Kozhevnikova L.K.Physical training as means of a healthy way of life and cultural leisure formation of student's youth 2010.-N3.34
7. Lukavenko H.G., Lapko S. V., Korchevska O.G.Specific of adaptation foreign student with different health and physical preparedness level to employments on physical education in Kharkov National Medical University. 2010.-N3.39
8. Maksimenko I.G.Traditional approaches to the third stage of long-term training of team games sportsmen 2010.-N3.42
9. Malinauskas R., Dumciene A.Mental health among students of pedagogical universities 2010.-N3.45
10. Mirnaya A.V.The effectiveness of application of the national outdoor games of Armenia at the physical education lessons at the higher education institutions 2010.-N3.48
11. Mykhaylova N.E.Correction of pathological position of feet at children with congenital clubfeet at relapse 2010.-N3.52
12. Muntian V.S.Optimization of effectiveness of competition activity of sportsmen on the basis of increase of level of their psychological stability 2010.-N3.55
13. Nechiporenko L.A., Artyushenko A.F., Nechiporenko E.V.The Pedagogical conditions of the ensuring the larval achievements schoolboy in process of the physical education 2010.-N3.59
14. Oleshko V.G., Lutovinov Y.A., Lisenko V.N., Tkachenko K.V.Contents of training work of master's weightlifters of preparing and competition 2010.-N3.65
15. Polevschikov M.M., Rozhentsov V.V., Shabrukova N.P., Palagin Y.S.Testing of athletes to determine the level of physical performance on the basis of physiological parameters 2010.-N3.69
16. Popov F.I., Marakushin A.I., Gorelov A.A.Influence of results phsycological - professional selection, physical and training preparations on success flying training of cadets 2010.-N3.72
17. Priymakov A.A.Intercommunications of the systems of adjusting of equilibrium in a vertical pose and management autokinesias for the sportsmen of shooters 2010.-N3.75
18. Pushkar A.I., Kostyuchenko V.I., Yukhno Y.O.Influence of changes in the rules of competitions to composition and structure of the competing activity of the champions of the high qualification of the Greco- Roman style 2010.-N3.78
19. Saienko V.G.The correlation analysis of parameters force of performance blows by legs in top level and flexibility at karatekas-heavyweights high qualification 2010.-N3.81
20. Sinyugina M.B.Typological features of peripheral circulation of blood on sportsmen - swimmers in statutes lying and standing 2010.-N3.84
21. Sitnikova N.S.The development and practical study programs for remedial measures sprinter 10-16 years in the training process 2010.-N3.88
22. Strel'tsov V.A., Peshkova N.V.Humanism model of education on a physical culture in the institute of higher education 2010.-N3.92
23. Sulim S.V., Sergienko K.N., Bakum A.V.Effect of weight load on the biodynamic characteristics of "athlete-barbell" 2010.-N3.95
24. Temchenko V.A., Sirenko R.R.Section form of organization of student's physical training employment 2010.-N3.99
25. Тіmoshenko O.V.Simulation technology achievement of students in physical education classes 2010.-N3.102
26. Tregub V.V., Liu Jin Hui.Information technologies in exposure of conformities to the law of influence of biorhythms on individual effectiveness in sporting tourism 2010.-N3.106
27. Troyan V.M.Programmatic-methodical providing of preparation of student commands on basketball 2010.-N3.110
28. Tupeev Y.V., Boyko V.F.Analysis of methodical approaches used at the training technique of motor actions in sport wrestling 2010.-N3.116
29. Tsybiz G.G., Gusachenko N.N., Chernysh N.I., Dontsova G.P., Nazarovets V.Z.Analysis of changes of separate physical qualities in the organism of students during the leadthrough of employments on physical education 2010.-N3.122
30. Tsyganok A.V., Satin D.E.Research of profit earner in professional football 2010.-N3.128
31. Chukhlantseva N.V., Shesterova L.E.Organization of process of physical education on the basis of deep course of the professional applied physical preparation of students of transport specialities of technical higher educational establishments 2010.-N3.132
32. Shubin D.A., Zakharova L.V., Lyulina N.V.Realization of students' adaptation possibilities at group forms 2010.-N3.135

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