CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2010, vol.2

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1. Alekseev A.F., Klymenko A.I.Modeling of training tests in combat sports 2010.-N2.3
2. Arziutov G., Borodin Y.Methodology of theory of stage-by-stage long-term preparation of sportsmen in single combats 2010.-N2.7
3. Ashanin V.S., Golosov P.P., Gorbatenko U.I.Computer technologies of diagnostics of exactness of motive actions of man 2010.-N2.11
4. Baka R.Physical preparedness as reflection of formed of physical culture of students 2010.-N2.14
5. Bezmylov N.N.Ground of complex informing indexes and determination of their priority meaningfulness for the selection of skilled basketball-players in a command 2010.-N2.18
6. Belokopitova J.A., Diachyk A.M.Factors determining the effectiveness of basic training in calisthenics 2010.-N2.24
7. Wang Yu Lan, Wang Xue Man.The ratio of people of Hebei province (China) to sports and recreational activities 2010.-N2.28
8. Vankova A.U., Kozhevnikova L.K.Actuality the process of relaxation on the lessons of physical training on the current stage of higher education 2010.-N2.31
9. Grokhova A.P.Theoretical aspects of integrations technology of forming recreation culture of students of higher technical institutes 2010.-N2.34
10. Grutsyak N.B, Grutsyak V.І.Physical culture as a powerful factor facilitating adaptation of foreign students at the university 2010.-N2.37
11. Gulbani R.Sh., Kuzmenko E.A.Simple methods of diagnostics innate muscular torticollis for the children of 1th of life 2010.-N2.40
12. Dajani Joanna.Influence of employment by improving swimming on physical development of the primary schoolchildren of republic Cyprus 2010.-N2.43
13. Dmitriev S.V.Educational space and objective-subject domain of sports and adaptive physical training - a discourse-analysis 2010.-N2.48
14. Dmitriev S.V.Culturelogical senses of activity in anthropic technologies of higher education 2010.-N2.61
15. Druz V., Pugach Y., Pyatisotskaya S.Physical culture as a part of the general culture of heritages 2010.-N2.72
16. Iermakov S.S., Zborovets I.V.Volleyball in the soviet megaculture of 30-50th of ХХ century 2010.-N2.76
17. Zhurid S., Nasonkina H.Y.Comparative analysis of competitive activities of skilled players of different functions in women's and men's football 2010.-N2.81
18. Zaycev V.P., Filatova (Dzhigalova) L.S., Manucharyan S.V.Medical-pedagogical supervisions for sportsmen short-trek in a period of еducational and trainings employments 2010.-N2.85
19. Zinchenko I. A., Fishev J. A., Pidnebenna V. V.The changes in boxer's coordination capability indices due to the implementing acrobatic and aerobic elements 2010.-N2.89
20. Kanisheva O.P., Iefimenko N.P., Iefimenko P.B.Differentiated hike to independent employments on the increase of adaptation possibilities of organism of future engineers of power engineers 2010.-N2.93
21. Kleptsova T.N., Gnidenko E.K., Fedotenko G.V. Socially-pedagogical going near the prophylaxis of asocial conduct of children and young people facilities of physical culture and sport 2010.-N2.96
22. Kravchenko V.V.Formation of schoolchildren's culture of health on the basis of the motivated differencial - intyral optimums of the influence of pedagogical factors 2010.-N2.100
23. Loutsenko L.S., Zinchenko I.O.Acrobatic preparation in the training process of sportsmen-cheerleading on the stage of the specialized base preparation 2010.-N2.105
24. Fanigina O.U.Eliminating the level of physical training of bowler in educational-training process on the ground of usage of aqua aerobic 2010.-N2.111
25. Fedorova O.V., Fominova E.N., Kozak A.A.Studying typoligical features of sportsmen of different specializations 2010.-N2.116
26. Fedyakina L.K., Vasilkovskaya U.A., Avsaragov G.R.Analyses of the researching of process of physical education of the students of high school 2010.-N2.119
27. Furman Yu.N., Grin' L.V., Dolzhko F.N.Method of teaching reading of map of orientation-sportsmen's on the stage of initial preparation 2010.-N2.124
28. Holodnyy A.I.Some aspects of the rehabilitation of summer schoolchildren 2010.-N2.128
29. Hohlova L.A.Some aspects of the history development of the school physical education and its prospects 2010.-N2.133

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