CONTENTS: Physical education of the student of creative specialties / collected articles. - Kharkov, Ukraine. - 2009. - N2. - 180 p.

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1. Dmitriev S.V.Dialogue Natural and the Humanities in Technology of Teaching of Pedagogical Bodily Machinery in Higher Educational Establishments (Polemic Notes) 2009.-N2.3
2. Dovbysh V.I., Baranec P.A., Yermakov S.S.Improvement to Technical Preparedness of Volleyball by Methods of the Circular Drill 2009.-N2.13
3. Dovbysh V. I, Sidorenko G. M., Nefjodova A. L.Using Energy Exercises for Development of Flexibility Student Senior Course High School 2009.-N2.20
4. Doroshenko E.Y.Structure of Motive Activity in the Control System by Competition Activity of Skilled Footballers 2009.-N2.26
5. Kozina Z.L.Analysis and Generalization of Results of Development and Practical Realization of Theoretical Conception of Individualization of Preparation of Sportsmen in Sporting Games 2009.-N2.34
6. Kozin V.V., Geras'kin A.A.Analysis of Procedures of Enriching Burst Preparation of Juvenile Basketball Players 2009.-N2.47
7. Kozlov A.V., Lotonenko A.V., Scherbakova I.B. Some Aspects of Formation of Need in Sport Oriented Sports Activity 2009.-N2.54
8. Kozlov V.I., Gotovtsev E. V., Pet'ko V.A.Sports Games in the System of Physical Education for Students 2009.-N2.59
9. Kutergin N.B., Alekseev N.A., Slavko A.L.Effect and Interrelation of Aggression of Fighters on Adaptedness in Sportsе 2009.-N2.67
10. Malinauskas R.Peculiarities of Implementing Psychological Skills Training Program in Basketball Team of University Athletes 2009.-N2.73
11. Musikov G.V., Zaharov P.A.Sports Play in a General Theory of Plays 2009.-N2.81
12. Popov F.I., Varzhelenko I.I., Gorelov A.A.Organization and Realization of Contest on Hand-to-Hand Fight Among Military Men 2009.-N2.89
13. Putintsev N.Yu., Kirshina E.D.Assessment of Shaping of Physical Readiness of Fighters of a Freestyle (on an Instance of a Combined Team of Krasnoyarsk Region) 2009.-N2.94
14. Sabinin L.T.,Chechetkina T.V.Socialization of teenagers by Sports by the Example of Rugby 2009.-N2.100
15. Savchenko M.I.Place of Slipping in Front Crawl Stroke Swimming at the Stage of Preparing Swimmers 2009.-N2.107
16. Savchenko S.I."Russian Lapta" - a Universal Remedy for Development of Motorial Qualities, Improvements and Social Adaptation of Pupils 2009.-N2.112
17. Semenov G.E., Zavizionova N.A.Learning to Elements of Technique of Volleyball of Students of Special Educational Abjointing 2009.-N2.119
18. Semenova N.V., Koritko Z.І.Increase of a Level of Physical Readiness of Students of Medical Schools by Means Fitness - Aerobics 2009.-N2.126
19. Sereda V.V., Ananchenko K.V., Grin' L.V.Structural ingredients of Competitive Activity of Juvenile Sportsmen in Judo 2009.-N2.134
20. Sidorchenko K.N.Features of a Puberty, Physical Readiness and Work Capacity of Boys of 11-14 Years Different Somatic Type 2009.-N2.140
21. Shundeev A.A.Multifactorial System of an Assessment in Adjacent Kinds of Single Combats (Isolation Ward, a Kickboxing) at Sportsmen in the Age Of From 10 Till 18 Years 2009.-N2.149
22. Yuy Shan'.Features of Display of Different Types of Reaction for Sportsmen, Engaged in Taekwondo 2009.-N2.159
23. Kramskoy Sergey, Herodek Katarina, Markovic Sasa, Stankovic Ratko.Pliometric Training for Development Explosive Strength of Legs For Selected Handball Players 2009.-N2.168

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