CONTENTS: Physical education of the student of creative specialties / collected articles. - Kharkov, Ukraine. - 2008. - N5. - 116 p.

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1. Ganchar A.I.Features of dynamics of Gender Differences of Swimmers' Results on the World Student Games in Bangkok-2007 2008.-N5.3
2. Golets V.A., Yevdokimov E.I.The Optimmization of Sportsmen's Metabolism as a Factor, which Warns the Development of Patological States 2008.-N5.12
3. Dmitriev S.V., Nagiev B.M., Voronin D.I., Sarapkin A.E., Sizonova O.E.Developing and Traditional Education in Sphere of Physical Training (Part Ii Socialcultural Educational Technologies) 2008.-N5.20
4. Dovbysh V. I., Cortchevskaja O.G., Nefjodova A. L.Eliminating Pains and Discomfort in Back at the Classes of Physical Education for First Year Student of High Educational Institutions 2008.-N5.30
5. Kozina Zh.L., Kolomiec N.A., Antonov O.Application of Information Technologies at Exposition of Health Remain of Disciplines (on the Example of Course "Organization of Regional-Tourist Activity" is on the Faculties of Physical Education of Pedagogical Institutes of Higher) 2008.-N5.36
6. Kurilko N.F.Description of Volume of Loadings and Control of Physical Preparedness is in Football 2008.-N5.42
7. Lеifа А.V., Sizonenko К.N.Perelman U.М. Main Approaches of Building Physical Rehabilitations of Students an Universities with Diseases of Organs of Breath 2008.-N5.50
8. Lomaka Z.M., Kulachek Y.V.Role of Valueology in Formation of Intellectual and Moral Behaviour of Youth with the Purpose of Conservation and Strengthening of Health of the Nation 2008.-N5.58
9. Malanyuk L.B.Analysis of Risk Factors of Separate Diseases and Mode of Life of Men of 18-25 Years 2008.-N5.65
10. Mirnaya A.V.Dynamics of Indices of Physical Efficiency, Aerobic Productivity, Functional Condition of the Respiratory System of Patients Rheumatoid Arthritis During the Process of the Rehabilitation Course of Karate 2008.-N5.70
11. Priymakov A.A., Dotsenko E.N., Arhipov A.A., Priymakov E.A.Efficacy of Use of Means and Methods of Nonconventional Improving Systems at Work with Special Medical Bunch in High School 2008.-N5.77
12. Temchenko V.A., Yanovskaya Y.E.Social-Psychological Peculiarities Function of Football Team in Crisis Situation 2008.-N5.82
13. Yamshikov Y.N., Kuzmin V.A.Pedagogical Opportunities of Employment by Fencing During Education of Specific Qualities at Students of High Schools 2008.-N5.88
14. Andrejeva Julia, Volkova Olesya.Often Beingill Children of the Senior Preschool Age: Psycho-Physiological Particularity and Ways of Rehabilitation 2008.-N5.94
15. Afanasyev V.V., Scherbachenko V.K.Estimation of Students' Psychophysiological Condition with Using of Computer Technologies 2008.-N5.103

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