CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2011, vol.1

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1. Aleshin V.A., Rajewski R.T., Smolyakova I.D.Modern way of training high-level volleyball players in a university 2011.-N1.3
2. Ashsanin V.S., Litvinenko A.M.Individualization of technique preparation of skilled karate sportsmen 2011.-N1.7
3. Balamutova N.M., Polozhiy V.M., Kyselev L.F.Improving aquaaerobics as means of hydrorehabilitation of students of special medical groups 2011.-N1.11
4. Baranov M.V., Malyarenko A.T.Characteristics of intercommunications of sport results and indexes of technique and tactic of competition activity of highly qualified sportsmen of karate-do 2011.-N1.14
5. Barybina L.M., Semashko S.A., Kriventsova H.V.Features of organization of sport mass work at the technical higher institution 2011.-N1.18
6. Bikova H.O.Research of individual psychological particular qualities handball players 15-17 years 2011.-N1.22
7. Vertel A.V., Gradusov V.A.Factor structure of physical training of young volleyball players of 10-14 years old at the stage of initial and previous basic training 2011.-N1.25
8. Vinogradov V.Y.Reducing the impact and mobilization for the implementation of the special working capacity to realize the potential of the special performance of qualified sprinters in athletics 2011.-N1.29
9. Voronov N.P., Kudelko V.E., Korolinska S.V., Shadrina V.V.The methodology of composing the exercises system with fit balls 2011.-N1.34
10. Gnatyuk T.M.Features of physical development of youths freshmen 2011.-N1.37
11. Gonshovsky V..The effectiveness of the technology of individualization of the physical preparedness of the future rescuers at the stages of studying at high military educational institution 2011.-N1.40
12. Gorchanuk U.A.Building technology and methodology for conducting pre-event phase of the mens volleyball teams qualified professionals 2011.-N1.44
13. Grygus I.M.Improvement of physical capacity of students 16-17 years 2011.-N1.51
14. Desyatnikov G.O.Comparative analysis of development of force of muscles of back for students, occupying in different sections 2011.-N1.56
15. Dmitriev S.V.D.D. Donskoy and development of native biomechanics: from biocentrism to psychosemantics of moving actions 2011.-N1.59
16. Zaytzev V.P., Prusik Kristof, Iermakov S.S.Physical recreation in a structure of active rest of students 2011.-N1.68
17. Kozin V.V.Increase of productivity attacks of young basketbal players on the basis perfection their competitive activity 2011.-N1.78
18. Krasnytska O., Kryvoruchenko A.Sudden death in sport 2011.-N1.81
19. Leleko D.A.Analysis of influence of technical equipment in tennis on physical and technical preparation of sportsmen 2011.-N1.85
20. Lysenko I.A., Zdorenko S.J., Borsyk D.S.Organizationally-pedagogical aspects of realization of sporting competitions (on the example of championship of Ukraine on a handball among the masculine commands of season 2009/2010) 2011.-N1.90
21. Muntian V.S.Fight-fitness in the program of students physical education in higher educational institutions 2011.-N1.94
22. Mysiv V.M.Formation of physical training contents of future rescuers and long-term trends of its optimization 2011.-N1.99
23. Perepelitsa P.E.The assessment of creative abilities of football student players of different qualification at a point in time of their entrance in higher educational establishment 2011.-N1.102
24. Ruslanov D.V., Prusik Krzysztof, Iermakov S.S.The respiratory ractical persons: new understanding and approaches 2011.-N1.106
25. Savchenko M.I., Novyzkiy V.Y.Efficiency analysis of the speed turns in the crawl stroke swimming 2011.-N1.111
26. Sedlyar Yu.V.Analysis of means, methods and forms of physical education that is direct on prophylaxis and correction of abnormalities of students posture 2011.-N1.114
27. Sologubova S.V.Morphofunctional features of women of the first mature age which should be considered during preparation of fitness training program 2011.-N1.118
28. Temchenko V.A., Muntyan V.S.Assessment of students succession in discipline Physical education 2011.-N1.123
29. Futorny S.., Kashuba V.A.The problem of developing the foundations of physical fitness of students in physical education 2011.-N1.126
30. Tserkovna O. V, Nefedova A.L, Osipov V.N., Mirgorod O.A.Biological age and rates of ageing at students with different level of impellent activity 2011.-N1.130
31. Charikova K.M.Directions and tendencies in skill formation of a long pass ball in basketball 2011.-N1.133
32. Chervona S.F., Pashenko N.A.Outdoor games as a means education volitional qualities personality of athlete 2011.-N1.136

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