CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2010, vol.5

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1. Anikeyev D.M.Purpose and tasks of physical education of students in programmatic-normative documents of Ukraine 2010.-N5.3
2. Arkhangorodskiy Z.S., Ivanov V.I., Vostroknutov L.D., Eremenko V.V., Milyutin L.V.About the way of choice of conduct of boxer in competition activity 2010.-N5.7
3. Dmitriev S.V.Culture-generating, health-saving educational technologies at higher school 2010.-N5.10
4. Diachenko A.U., Mishchenko V.S., Vinogradov V.Y.Implementation of aerobic capacity in the development of special endurance athletes in cyclic kinds sports 2010.-N5.17
5. Zagura F.I., Lukyanchenko M.I.Sport and recreation activities eyes of college students 2010.-N5.20
6. Zaycev V.P., Manucharyan S.V., Kramskoy S.I.Physical active rest in education of active personality of students 2010.-N5.23
7. Klimenko B.A., Kutergin N.B.Forming technology motivational-valued attitudes toward healthy appearance and lifestyle for students institutes of higher Ministry of internal affairs of Russia 2010.-N5.27
8. Kozina Zh.l., Barybina L.N., Grin' L.V.Features of structure of psychophysiological possibilities and physical preparedness of students of different sporting specializations 2010.-N5.30
9. Kramida I.Е.Employments of valeological practical work as factor of success of educational activity of students after completion of teaching on the faculty of physical culture and sport 2010.-N5.35
10. Lakhno E.G., Kozina Zh.L., Moskalec T.V.Application of technical devices with the elements of sport for development of level of physical preparedness and psychophysiological possibilities of children 1-5 years 2010.-N5.39
11. Lee BoStimulating kinetic of aerobic reactions skilled athlete in sport dance 2010.-N5.43
12. Malinauskas R.Prevention of emotional states among students from collegiate basketball and soccer teams 2010.-N5.47
13. Naumetz E.A., Zalojlo V.V.Physical preparation of sportsmen specialized in mini-football 2010.-N5.50
14. Osipova E.N, Osipov V.N.Modern facilities of renewal of physical capacity are in womanish basket-ball 2010.-N5.54
15. Pavlova M.V.An analysis of approaches to the diagnostics of bodily condition of higher forms schoolgirls 2010.-N5.57
16. Pomeschikova I.P.Changes in speed capabilities of students with disorders of the locomotor apparatus under the influence of the specially selected exercises and games with ball 2010.-N5.61
17. Popichev M.I., Mullashirov R.N.Factors, affecting on the psyche of sportsmen - single combat in the process of competition activity 2010.-N5.65
18. Rashed Soud Quftan Aladwan.Role of modern health techniques in prophylaxis of deficiencies in mineralisation of the bone tissue in students 2010.-N5.70
19. Savina K.D.Parameter's variation pulsometer at the sportsmen with various duration of vestibular appearance 2010.-N5.74
20. Tomenko O.A.The peculiarities of student's general physical education abroad 2010.-N5.77
21. Shalar O.G., Naumenko M.V., Strikalenko E.A.Forming of motivation-value ratio of students to their health 2010.-N5.80

Founders: Kharkov Regional Branch of National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. Publishing House KSADA.
Editor-in-chief: Sergii Iermakov