CONTENTS: Fiziceskoe Vospitanie Studentov=Physical Education of Students, 2009, vol.1

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1. Buryanovatiy O.M.The development of the levels of physical preparatory capacity and stability of the vestibular device junior pupils (7-8) during specialized group trainang of militari and sports all round competitions 2009.-N1.3
2. Van Syue Man.Physical education in China, as component of the mass physical culture 2009.-N1.6
3. Veritov A.I.The differentiated approach to development of correctional regenerative programs for judoists 2009.-N1.9
4. Giptenko A. V.The influence of fitness on the level of physical condition of women of the first mature age 2009.-N1.13
5. Gordeieieva M.V., Rudkovskaya T.V.Control of special preparetions sportsmen of synchronous swimming 2009.-N1.16
6. Evdokimov E.I., Salo L.M.Use of nonconventional methods during the aftertreatment of patients with the idiopathic hypertensia 2009.-N1.19
7. Zdorenko S., Lysenko I.Bases of the system of the legal adjusting of activity of federation of handball of Ukraine. 2009.-N1.22
8. Kasianenko O.G.The Olympic Games as reflection conditions of development Ancient Greek civilization in Hellenism period 2009.-N1.26
9. Kokarev B.V., Kokareva S.M., Kushnir G.I.Features of organization and conducting of fifth zaporizhyan regional Nike fitness-conventions in a Zaporizhzhya national university 2009.-N1.29
10. Nesterova T., Kozhanova O.Factor of the compatibility while completing teams in rhythmic gymnastics group exercises 2009.-N1.32
11. Nomerovskij S.V., Buren N.V.Control of impellent abilities of military men of Naval Forces of Ukraine in a context of development of Physical Training Guidance - 2009 (PTG-2009) 2009.-N1.35
12. Ogurtsova M. B., Dyomin A. N, Melnik T. V.Comparative typological characteristics of central circulation of blood and physical capacity for sportsmen-swimmers and athletes-runners 2009.-N1.39
13. Oleshko V.G., Lutovinov Y.A., Tkachenko K.V., Lysenko V.N.Physical qualification monitoring of lycee's pupils 2009.-N1.42
14. Perevoznick V.I., Pertsukhov A.A.The quantitative and high-quality analysis of implementation of passes of ball in one-touch a team "Metalist" Kharkov in the games of cup of UEFA 2009.-N1.45
15. Politko E.V., Pilipko O.A.Possibilities of the use of correlation analysis for determination of basic and additional sporting specialization of swimmers 12-16 years 2009.-N1.49
16. Prikhoda I.V., Rybalchenko A.A.The historic and national aspects of medical ethics and deontology 2009.-N1.54
17. Serdyuk D.G., Chernenko A.E.The peculiarities of acrobat exercises usage in the handballers training process 2009.-N1.64
18. Skripnichenko I.O.Physical rehabilitation after endo-prosthetic appliance of hip-joint 2009.-N1.67
19. Syshko D.V.The various reactions of sportsmen are received of vestibule load 2009.-N1.70
20. Jagiello Marina, Jagiello Wladyslaw.Constitutional aspects of sports mastery in tennis 2009.-N1.73

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