NEXT ISSUE: Manuscripts under evaluation

NEXT ISSUE: 2019, 23(4), August
Accepted Manuscripts: Accepted Manuscripts are PDF versions of manuscripts that have been peer reviewed and accepted but not yet copyedited.

1. Koçak Ç.V. How does regular exercise affect internet addiction level in university students? Turkey pdf
2. Mokrova T. I., Osipov A. Yu., Kudryavtsev M. D., Nagovitsyn R. S., Markov K. K. Practice of Kangoo Jumps Fitness to improve female students' cardiorespiratory fitness Russia pdf
3. Akgül M.S. Effect of Wingate-based high intensity interval training on aerobic and anaerobic performance of Kick Boxers Turkey pdf
4. Rahmani Ghobadi M., Forghani Ozrudi M. The comparing of acute effects of two training models aerobic and resistance on the clotting times in young women students Iran pdf
5. Badicu G., Chacón C.R., Ortega F.Z., Sánchez M.C., Balint L. Mediterranean Diet and physical activity in Romanian and Spanish university students – a comparative study Romania Spain PDF
6. Wasim Khan, Salahuddin Khan, Tasleem Arif , Sohail Roman Khan Role of sports activities in developing the important life skill of decision making; a psychological perspective Iran PDF