Authors Vasenin G.A.
State Educational Institution School "School Health 27, Moscow, Russian
boulevard Lithuanian 17, corps 3, Moscow, 117593, Russia

Babenkova E.A.
Institute of Developmental Physiology, Russian Academy of Education, Moscow, Russian
Pogodinskaya str. 8, corps 2, Moscow, 119121, Russia

Abstract A research purpose was a ground of structure and maintenance of the type stage to practical oriented preparations of students. In an experiment accepted 190 students. As criteria quantitative and high-quality indexes, reflecting the level of domain students by knowledges and abilities of professional activity of specialist of adaptive physical culture in school educational establishments, were used. Registration of these indexes was carried out in a few stages for period of teaching of students. The estimations of 3 basic forms of employments are resulted: health measures in the mode of educational day, employments by a medical physical culture (by a correction gymnastics, employments by the physical culture of the fixed type. It is marked that more than 87% students of experimental group got in the total an estimation fine, other - well.
Key words adaptive; student; teaching; test; estimation;
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Year 2012
Title of Journal Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov=Physical Education of Students
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