Authors Mohammed Ali Khaleel
National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine
Fizkultury str. 1, Kiev, 03680, Ukraine

Abstract It is considered the principles of the impact of physical rehabilitation of the state of the cardiovascular system. It is analyzed the risk factors that affect the cardiovascular system. It was done the analysis of scientific literature on this subject, considered the views of scientists on the types of training loads and preferable program of comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with angina pectoris. A survey of 52 patients with angina, the analysis of associated diseases, which allowed to form three groups of patients for further development of special systems of physical rehabilitation for each group separately.
Key words cardiovascular; hypokinesis; coronary; cardiac; physical; rehabilitation; angina pectoris;
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Volume 4
Year 2012
Title of Journal Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov=Physical Education of Students
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