Authors Boloban V.N.
National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine
Fizkultury str. 1, Kiev, 03680, Ukraine

Litvinenko Y.V.
National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine
Fizkultury str. 1, Kiev, 03680, Ukraine

Otsupok A.P.
National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine
Fizkultury str. 1, Kiev, 03680, Ukraine

Abstract Criteria of an estimation statodynamic stability of sportsman body and system of bodies in difficult coordination sports are developed and experimentally proved. It is established that length of the general center of pressure trajectory of a body on a support, frequency of fluctuations of a body, a parity of amplitude of fluctuations of a body and frequency, symmetry and asymmetry of movements in the course of a body pose regulation, length of a trajectory of a control point moving on a trunk in the field of a sacrum in system of cooperating bodies are authentic signs of sports orientation, an estimation of sports technics of exercises and training by it. Criteria are a criterion of an estimation of a body balance in the course of sports exercises performance; allow to carry out effective sports preparation.
Key words criterion; sportsmen; stability; system; symmetry; asymmetry; orientation; teaching; training;
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Volume 4
Year 2012
Title of Journal Fiziceskoe vospitanie studentov=Physical Education of Students
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