CONTENTS: Physical education of the student of creative specialties / collected articles. - Kharkov, Ukraine. - 2008. - N6. - 136 p.

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1. Akinin L.A., Temchenko V.A.Athletics in the system of employment on physical training in high school 2008.-N6.3
2. Ganchar A.I.Characteristics of dynamics of gender differences of swimmers' results on the xxix olympic games in peking-2008 2008.-N6.10
3. Dmitriev S.V., Singosina T.B., Fomicheva E.N., Sarapapkin A.E.Aesthetotherapy and artplastics in technologies of educational development of the person with physical inability 2008.-N6.21
4. Yevdokimov E.I., Golets V.O.The control of cardiac-vessel system reaction of sportsmen on the measured physical training as a way to prevent the pathological states 2008.-N6.32
5. Epifanova M.G., Gritsai E.N., Koipysheva E.A., Shishkina N.I.Optimization of technology of physical training students in a technical college 2008.-N6.41
6. Klimatskaya L.G., Kuzmin V.A., Shpakov A.I., Laskene S.Introduction health forming technologies in training and preparation of students - physicians and the future teachers of physical training 2008.-N6.46
7. Kugaevskiy S.A.Realization of means of preparation the short track sportsman in an olympic cycle of preparation 2008.-N6.59
8. Lеifа А.V.The substantiation of professional application of social work specialists physical culture 2008.-N6.65
9. Les'ko Orest, Malanchuk Galina, Gribovskii Vitalii.The sports improving program of adaptive physical training for low time-delay schoolboys of mental development 2008.-N6.75
10. Nemtsev O.B., Doronina E.A.Biomechanical habits of interacting of autopodium with support in sprinter run on direct 2008.-N6.80
11. Skorohod T.V.Forming in the young people skills of healthy way of life 2008.-N6.94
12. Stech M., Smulskij V. L.About correlation between the somatic characteristics of different performance of women's volleyball players and ranking estimation of their sport skill level 2008.-N6.105
13. Stech M., Smulskij V.About interdependence of anaerobic-aerobic output indices of high performance women's volleyball players and ranking estimation of their sport skill level 2008.-N6.110
14. Shalar O., Varshitskiy G., Edelev O.Estimation of health indices of american and ukrainian teenagers 2008.-N6.120

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